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TAG Product: Fragment Identifiers and Mime Types

This draft work plan was prepared by Henry Thompson for review at the 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F. It was agreed there that the TAG would reinvest in this work, but that more discussion was needed to get consensus on or further refine the plan proposed below.


The goal of this work is to describe the contradictions in the definitions between different specifications (such as media fragments and application/xml mime type definition) in the definition of fragment identifiers, to describe any changes to draft documents that are required to manage those contradictions, and to provide some general guidelines to those creating mime type definitions in the future around the interpretation of fragment identifiers.

Success criteria

Key deliverables with dates:


TAG Members assigned:

Jeni Tennison, Henry Thompson, Yves Lafon (replacing Jonathan Rees as agreed at June 2011 F2F), Peter Linss (offered to help on 4 August 2011)

Drafts, etc.

Draft: Mime Types and Fragment IDs

See also Jeni Tennision's 31 May 2011 E-mail (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-tag/2011May/0089.html) framing some of the issues in this area.

Discussion of this topic at June 2011 F2F

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