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"HTML5 Last Call Review" was one of several top priority TAG activities for the first half of 2011. The work was undertaken before the TAG adopted a more formal description of TAG products in terms of goals and success criteria in "product pages" such as this one, but the general goal was to review the HTML5 specification for architectural issues of note and to bring those to the attention of the HTML working group in time for their last call.

Per the resolution of the TAG at the September 2011 F2F,

RESOLUTION: The TAG will close out the major TAG "Product" titled HTML5 Last Call Review, but will pursue ongoing related initiatives (e.g. microdata/RDFa), and will generally keep tracking HTML5 developments

this product is now marked closed.


As a result of its review, the TAG raised a number of issues and concerns. For example, the TAG commented on the then current mappings from microdata to URIs for use with RDFa. Those mappings were subsequently removed from the specifications.

The TAG also raised concerns about what it considered to be inappropriate overlap between the capabilities of HTML+RDFa and Microdata. Those were conveyed in an e-mail to the HTML working group and W3C management, suggesting that a task force be formed to try to achieve better alignment between the specifications, or perhaps to combine them. The W3C eventually decided that this work should be given a more limited initial cope, and hosted in the Semantic Web Interest Group. The TAG has freed some of Jeni Tennison's time so that she can chair that task force, which appears to be making substantive progress.

The TAG also noted during its review that the so-called "HTML5 Edition for Web Authors" had not been made normative, as previously agreed. After much hard work by the HTML WG chairs and members, a resolution was proposed that proved agreeable to both the HTML WG and the TAG, restoring the normative tatus of the Web author edition, and clarifying rules for dealing with situations in which the author edition might unintentionally disagree with the "full" HTML5 pecification.

Next Steps

Some efforts resulting from the TAG's last call review are ongoing, including the microdata/RDFa task force discussed above, but with the close of the last call the TAG is not for the moment conducting a broad-based review of the HTML5 pecification. We will continue to consider particular HTML5-related issues as they arise, and we are in the process of deciding whether the TAG should focus in coming months on the o-called HTML.next work.

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