DSP Platform

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DSP Platform

Name of the tool: DSP Platform
Home page: http://ontotext.com/semantic-solutions/dynamic-semantic-publishing-platform/
Date of latest release:
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, RDFS, SPARQL
Categories: RDF Generator, Tagging, SPARQL Endpoint
See also: http://ontotext.com
Public mailing list:
Preferred project URI:
DOAP reference:
Company or institution: Ontotext

(Tool description last modified on 2016-02-17.)


The DSP Platform with its customizations in media, academic, scientific publishing, and education verticals is a component-based solution for building semantic content management and authoring, semantic search, analytics and visualization systems. At the heart of the DSP Platform is a knowledge base, GraphDB™, used to store and organize publishers’ content and metadata. Leveraging this knowledge base is a complete set of semantic services to enable better search and content discovery, automated and dynamic generation of products and increased content reuse through intelligent content association. With the help of the DSP Platform, publishers are able to offer personalized recommendations for authors, researchers and content consumers, which eliminate content data silos to allow sharing and remixing of content across an organisation. Ontotext has successfully integrated this solution with major content management systems creating a seamless user experience. By building the DSP Platform with recognized open standards, our clients have the reassurance that they are avoiding costly ‘vendor lock-in’ scenarios.