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Wo Chang (,NIST/ITL
Thierry Michel (,W3C

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The public SMIL 2.0 Testsuite was designed to validate the SMIL2.0 specification and to insure that all features in the SMIL 2.0 specification are implemented at least twice in an interoperable way by implementations having been developed independently by different organizations and each test in the SMIL 2.0 Testsuite has at least two passing implementations.
The Implementation results are publicly released and are intended solely to be used as proof of SMIL 2.0 implementability. It is only a snap shot of the actual implementation behaviors at one moment of time, as these implementations may not be immediately available to the public.
The interoperability data is not intended to be used for assessing or grading the performance of any individual implementation.

Status of this document

This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. The latest status of this document series is maintained at the W3C.

This is a document t of the World Wide Web Consortium. Review comments on this specification should be sent to The archive of public comments is available at

The SMIL2.0 Testsuite has been produced as part of the W3C Synchronized Multimedia Activity. The document has been written by the SYMM Working Group (members only). The goals of the SYMM group are discussed in the SYMM Working Group charter (members only).

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Table of Contents

Modules: [All] [Animation] [Content] [Layout] [Linking] [Media] [Metadata] [Structure] [Timing] [Transition] [Time Manipulation] [Profile]

  1. SMIL Animation Module
  2. SMIL Content Control Module
  3. SMIL LayoutModule
  4. SMIL Linking Module
  5. SMIL Media Object Module
  6. SMIL Metadata Module
  7. SMIL Structure Module
  8. SMIL Timing & Synchronization Module
  9. SMIL Transition Effects Module
  10. SMIL Time Manipulation Module
  11. SMIL 2.0 Profile Module


This testsuite has been prepared by the Synchronized Multimedia Working Group (SYMM-WG) of the World Wide Web Consortium. The WG includes the following individuals:

Jin Yu, Compaq - Pietro Marchisio, CSELT - Lynda Hardman, CWI - Jacco van Ossenbruggen, CWI - Lloyd Rutledge, CWI - Olivier Avaro, France Telecom - Ted Wugofski, Gateway (Invited Expert) - Masayuki Hiyama, Glocomm - Keisuke Kamimura, Glocomm - Michelle Y. Kim, IBM - Steve Wood, IBM - Nabil Layaïda, INRIA - Muriel Jourdan, INRIA - Aaron Cohen, Intel - Wayne Carr, Intel - Ken Day, Macromedia - Daniel Weber, Panasonic - Patrick Schmitz, Microsoft - Debbie Newman, Microsoft - Pablo Fernicola, Microsoft - Kevin Gallo, Microsoft - Don Cone, Netscape/AOL - Wo Chang, NIST - Didier Chanut, Nokia - Jack Jansen, Oratrix - Sjoerd Mullender, Oratrix - Dick Bulterman, Oratrix - Kenichi Kubota, Panasonic - Warner ten Kate, Philips - Ramon Clout, Philips - Jeff Ayars, RealNetworks - Erik Hodge, RealNetworks - Rob Lanphier, RealNetworks - Bridie Saccocio, RealNetworks - Eric Hyche, RealNetworks - Geoff Freed, WGBH - Philipp Hoschka, W3C - Thierry Michel, W3C.

Thierry Michel , (, W3C team contact.