W3C workshop on Web services: Position papers

11-12 April 2001 - San Jose, CA, USA

This is the list of papers that were submitted to the W3C workshop on Web services.

Some of these papers will be presented at the workshop. See the workshop program.

# Authors Affiliation Title
1 Keith B. Evans Compaq Computer Corporation Transaction Internet Protocol: Facilitating Distributed Internet Applications
2 Roger Cutler Chevron Chevron Interest in Web Services Workshop
3 Urban Bettag Reuters Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Web Services
4 Brian Eisenberg Data Channel Web Services Position Paper
5 Karl Best Oasis WSWS position paper
6 Mark A. Hale Interwoven Content Management for Web Services
7 Gerald Edgar Boeing Web Services - A Position Paper by Gerald Edgar, The Boeing Company
8 Marwan Sabbouh, Stu Jolly, Dock Allen, Paul Silvey, Paul Denning Mitre Interoperability
9 Alan Karp, Kevin Smathers Hewlett Packard Advertising and Discovery of Business Services
10 Igor Sedukhin Computer Associates Inc. WS Positioning for W3C Workshop
11 Volker Wiechers SAP SAP Position Paper
12 Dietmar Gaertner Software AG W3C Web Services Workshop - Position Paper
13 Eric Newcomer, Oisin Hurley Iona Web Services Definition
14 Noah Mendelsohn Lotus Development Corp. Web Services Position Paper
15 Giovanni Guardalben HiT Software Position Paper
16 Mike Jerbic Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard Position Paper to the Worldwide Web Consortium Workshop on Web Services, April 11th and 12th
17 Dave Winer UserLand Software, Inc. UserLand's position on Web services
18 Dale Moberg Sterling Commerce, subsidiary of SBC Distributed Process Coordination for Web Services and Collaborations
19 Claudio Bartolini, Chris Preist, Harumi Kuno Hewlett Packard Requirements for automated negotiation
20 Kannan Govindarajan, Alan Karp, Harumi Kuno, Dorothea Beringer, Arindam Banerji Hewlett Packard Conversation Definitions: defining interfaces of web services
21 Alok Srivastava Oracle Oracle Dynamic Services: Oracle's Web Services Framework
22 Joseph M. Reagle Jr. W3C XML Security
23 Krishna Sankar Cisco WebServices Framework & Assertion exchange using SAML
24 Toni Sormunen Nokia Nokia Position on Web Services
25 Kazunori Iwasa Fujitsu Software Corporation Fujitsu Position Paper for Workshop on Web services
26 Frank DeRose TIBCO Software Inc. Position Paper for the W3C WSDL Workshop
27 Herman Camarena webMethods webMethods position on Web Services
28 Andy Seaborne, Eric Stammers, Fabio Casati, Giacomo Piccinelli, Ming-Chien Shan Hewlett Packard A Framework for Business Composition
29 Anne Thomas Manes Sun Microsystems Enabling Open, Interoperable, and Smart Web Services: The Need for Shared Context
30 Michal Morciniec, Claudio Bartolini, Brian Monahan, Mathias Sallé Hewlett Packard Towards the Electronic Contract
31 Chalon Mullins Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Web Services Workshop Position Paper
32 Vijay Machiraju, Akhil Sahai Hewlett Packard A Peer-to-Peer SERVICE INTERFACE For Manageability
33 Mark Nottingham Akamai Technologies Scaling Web Services
34 Jason Douglas Grand Central Infrastructure Requirements for Business-class Web Services
35 Patrick Thompson Rogue Wave Software, Inc. Web Services - Beyond HTTP Tunneling
36 Kannan Govindarajan, Arindam Banerji Hewlett Packard Web Services Architecture Overview Paper
37 Scott Isaacson Novell Web Services Workshop Position Paper
38 Randy E Hall, Wayne Carr Intel Corporation Web Services Workshop Intel Position
39 Satish Thatte Microsoft Corporation Message Exchange Protocols for Web Services
40 Allen Brown Microrsoft Corporation Reliable Messaging
41 Henrik Frystyk Nielsen Microrsoft Corporation SOAP Addressing and Path Modeling
43 James Tauber Bowstreet Protocol for Accessing RDF-based Registries
44 Donald F. Ferguson IBM Web Services Architecture: Direction and Position Paper
45 Glen Daniels Allaire Web Services Position Paper : Allaire
46 David Ingham, Mark Little, Savas Parastatidis, James Webber, Stuart Wheater Hewlett Packard Position Paper on Web Transactions
47 Andrew Brown VeriSign VeriSign Web Services Positioning Paper
48 Todd Karakashian BEA Systems, Inc BEA Position Paper on the W3C Web Services Workshop
49 Sankar Virdhagriswaran, Gordon Dakin, Dan LaLiberte Crystaliz Two Level Architecture for Web Service Interactions
50 Svend Frolund, Kannan Govindarajan Hewlett Packard Transactional Conversations
51 - IBM / Microsoft Web Services Framework
52 Eric Prud'hommeaux W3C Eric Prud'hommeaux's Semantic Web Position Paper
53 Adam Bosworth Crossgain Corporation Developing Web Services
54 David Orchard Jamcracker Jamcracker W3C Web Services Workshop Position Paper
55 Jean-Jacques Moreau, Youenn Fablet Canon Using XML for describing Web Service
56 Matthew Fuchs, Dave Burdett Commerce One Commerce One Position Paper - Workshop on Web Services
57 Drummond Reed OneName Corporation The Need for a Global Identity Management Service
58 Rael Dornfest O'Reilly & Associates Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Web services
59 Nilo Mitra Ericsson, Inc. Ericsson contribution to the W3C Workshop on Web Services
60 Uche Ogbuji Fourthought, Inc. Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Web services
61 Ken Laskey SAIC Position Paper Regarding Web Services
62 Ray Whitmer Netscape / AOL Web Services for Clients
63 George Scott Tradia Inc. The Road to Web Services
64 Larry Masinter, Steve Zilles Adobe Systems Incorporated Position paper

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