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Trip to BOS for All-WG/Plenary

W3C Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event (cf 31 Aug global)


Mon, 26 Feb
05:35pm lv MCI on AA #1866; ar ORD 07:06pm

08:15pm lv ORD on AA #1914; ar BOS 11:29pm

staying at the Sonesta

meet up with EricM?

Tue, 27 Feb
09:00a RDF IG ftf till 05:30p

06:00p spec-prod BOF? (SusanL, Wendy, EveM, Charles, ...)

ribs (gerald's photos)

Wed, 28 Feb
08:30a Plenary to 05:00p

06:00p meet Norm Walsh @ Sonesta lobby re URI IG

Thu, 1 Mar
09:00a XML Core WG agenda

07:06pm lv BOS on AA #1933; ar ORD 08:59pm

10:10pm lv ORD on AA #613; ar MCI 11:45pm

Contacts/Address book

contact info
The Royal Sonesta Hotel
5 Cambridge Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Telephone: +1 617.806.4200
Eric Miller

I'll be staying at the University Park Hotel @ MIT, on Mass. Ave. Their phone #617-577-0200. Phone: My mobile number is 614-354-8063

-- Eric, Sun, 25 Feb 2001 20:40:38 -0500

Amy van der Hiel


air travel itinerary (crud... I thought I sent XHTML, but I goofed on some &'s in hrefs) requested 8Feb approved 8Feb by PH; booked 12Feb

Other stuff

cf susan 16 Oct reg form@@ planning meetings@@ cf w3t-archive@w3.org


see also:

hmm... how plucker should work: post a list of URIs to a queue; a web server on the palm should then GET all the stuff in that list.

Dan Connolly
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