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Expressions of interest – Accessibility Reference Group for the Emergency 2.0 Wiki

I am seeking expressions of interest from international specialists in joining the Accessibility Reference Group for the Emergency 2.0 Wiki. (

The Wiki is a free global resource for using social media and new technologies in emergencies. The purpose of the Accessibility Reference Group is to collaborate and share tips on making social media more accessible and share accessible emergency resources. The Reference Group will look at the content already on the Wiki, determine what accessibility information should be added and then peer review what’s published to ensure the information is up to date and follows best practice for the accessible use of social media.
You can find more information on reference groups for the Wiki at this page:

You can also view the Emergency 2.0 Wiki LinkedIn group here:

It is hoped that the Emergency 2.0 Wiki will have an impact globally in helping to save lives of the most vulnerable in our communities.

If you are interested in assisting this project, send me a message or email me at

Kind regards,

Richard Corby

New web accessibility advocacy video — please comment on rough cut

Hi All,

I’ve put together an animated video on web accessibility called “POUR Me a Website”. A rough cut is privately viewable at

Please give me some feedback about the message, content, and style. Is this something you would use? If so, with what kind of audiences?

Thanks in advance.