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Which Community/Business Groups should transition to Working Groups, a Headlights 2013 task force

This is a call for participation.

For the second year, W3C is embarking in the Headlights exercise, to identify major new strategic directions for W3C. Read more on the Headlights 2013 exercise in the post Jeff Jaffe wrote last month .

I am leading one of the task forces, which aim is to determine which Community and Business Groups should transition to Working Group. A few people from the Team already joined the task force, as well as a Member of the W3C Advisory Board.

This task force will be active between February and July 2013. It is open to everyone and we will operate in public. If you wish to volunteer, contact me.

Find out more about anticipated activities on the dedicated CG2WG Wiki.

[Minutes] 29 Nov 2012 Council teleconference

Thanks to the people who could join today’s call; see minutes.

We talked about:

* some process issues (notably Chair selection, but also some about decision making).

* some copyright topics (cc-by groups, moving cla/fsa to cc-by, and alternative copyright licensing).

* distinguishing CG deliverables from WG deliverables. Here we talked about more status information up front (draft or not, non-standard status) and any “limits” to words in the title (none decided on this call but there are some I think we would not want like “Recommendation”). We also talked about using “Draft Community Group Report” and “Community Group Report” to refer to the class of documents produced by CGs.

* We did not get to redesign.

Next steps will happen by mail.

Thanks again!


Scheduling November 2012 teleconf on TPAC 2012 discussion

Following discussion of CGs during TPAC 2012 earlier this month, I would like to convene a meeting of the council to review some of the topics covered and next steps.


  • Policy
    • Chair selection algorithm
    • Update on some copyright topics
  • Communications
    • Distinction between WG and CG products
  • Education
    • Templates for good practices (e.g., charter template)
  • Infrastructure
    • Upcoming redesign and seeking beta-testers

I am setting up a poll for when to organize the meeting; please express your preferences for the proposed dates/times. I’ve asked Coralie Mercier to run the meeting (since I expect to be active in discussion). I am looking for a scribe.

Thank you!

Convening first Community Council meeting

Let’s aim to meet in the coming weeks.

Repeating our Group’s description: “activities include: documenting good community practices, reaching out to new communities, identifying opportunities for collaboration between groups, helping groups transition to the standards track if they so desire, and routine group maintenance. The Community Council will also discuss existing and new features and other ways to enhance the Community Group experience.”

Here is a preliminary agenda:

  1. We’re ~3 months into the program. How is it going?
  2. Share a bit of the documentation progress
  3. Update on reports publication
  4. Any prospects for CGs that we should pursue?

I created a poll to identify when to hold our first Community Council teleconference. Please look on the right-hand side of our home page and vote (the poll ends on Sunday 4 December).

There are 11 of us, at the time I am writing this; we have participants from Oregon, Washington D.C., Illinois, Maine, UK, France and Ukraine . I hope the proposed time works for people. I propose to take the discussion around logistics to the internal-council mailing list.

Leave a reply with suggested agenda items, suggestions for the meeting, etc.