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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Finish setting up the infrastructure Michael Cooper 2012-05-29
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Summarize discussion on large scale text with Loïc Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-06-05
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Compose note on captions and subtitles for 1.2.2 Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-08
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Propose a Note to 1.2.4 to address his concern about two-way conversations Alex Li 2012-06-12
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Take issue to WCAG regarding 3.3.4 intent - did not intend that every web app that edits something has to have a confirmation before proceeding Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-12
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Set up regular reporting to WCAG working group Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-06-19
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Draft text for 2.4.1 to address issues with software Peter Korn 2012-06-19
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Draft definition of "focus indicator" for 2.4.7 Peter Korn 2012-06-19
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Work with with Peter Korn to create submission to WCAG to add text to 2.4.7 understanding doc to clarify focus indicator and single item issues Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-19
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Ask WCAG to clarify the 2.4.6 INTENT as follows: Note that this success criterion does not REQUIRE heading and labels—just that if they are provided, they be descriptive. Also if headings are provided they must be programmatically determinable per 1.3.1. Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-22
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Suggest a note for 2.4.6 with examples of headings and labels for software Peter Korn 2012-06-22
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Ask WCAG to clarify intent of 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 as follows: Add this note to 3.2.1 and to existing note on 3.2.2 "Note: What is meant by 'component' here is also sometimes called 'user interface element' or 'user interface component'." Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-22
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Ask WCAG to modify the INTENT of 3.3.2 to add a note: If labels are provided they must be programmatically determinable per 1.3.1. Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-26
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Ask WCAG working group to add to 4.1.1 INTENT: This is not meant to apply to markup languages that are not parsed by general purpose web browsers and assistive technologies. If authors do not write or edit markup languages directly they can assume this provision is met. Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-26
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Ask WCAG to add to 1.3.3 INTENT: WCAG was designed to apply only to controls that were displayed on screen. The intent was to prevent references to visual or auditory cues. When applying this to instructions for operating physical hardware controls (e.g. a web kiosk with dedicated content), tactile cues on the hardware might be described (e.g. the arrow shaped key, the round key on the right side). This success criterion is not intended to prevent the use of tactile cues in instructions. Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-06-26
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Check on what WCAG agreed to wrt 2.4.6 intent per Alex's comment on the survey ("follow 1.3.1" vs. "be programmatically determinable per 1.3.1" Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-03
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Clarify when WCAG 2.0 Understanding document is likely to be published with these updates Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-03
ACTION-18 (edit) pending review Work with Gregg, Alex, Loïc, Andi to resolve issues with 2.4/2.4.1 per the June 27th survey comments Peter Korn 2012-07-03
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Work with Al to come up with a couple of examples for 4.1.2 Pierce Crowell 2012-07-03
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Work with Al to come up with addition to WCAG intent for 1.3.1 to cover table cells and row/column headers Pierce Crowell 2012-07-03
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Draft a new proposal for 2.4.2 Peter Korn 2012-07-06
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Work with Pierce, Al, David, Loïc, Alex to draft proposal for 2.4.5 Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-06
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Ask WCAG WG to modify intent for 1.3.1 per proposal #2 Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-06
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Work Loïc, Mike, David, Andi to work on definition of "interaction context" Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-06
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Work with Andi, Peter, Kiran to draft new proposal for 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-10
ACTION-26 (edit) pending review Draft new proposal for 2.4.2 to try to address Loic's suggestion Peter Korn 2012-07-10
ACTION-27 (edit) pending review Work with Peter to draft proposal for modification to 1.3.2 intent to cover the issue of content that is not read automatically Pierce Crowell 2012-07-13
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Tasks that have to be done prior to publication of July First Public Working Draft Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-07-13
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Check these five success criteria (2.2.1, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.3.4, 4.1.2) to make sure documents are still covered if we drop the sentence. Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-07-17
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Work with Gregg and Peter to gather examples provided by WCAG for 2.2.1, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.3.4, 4.1.2 and draft examples to add after first public working draft Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-08-01
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Draft Introduction section Judy Brewer 2012-07-16
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Finish drafting Frontmatter Judy Brewer 2012-07-16
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Draft proposal to modify WCAG intent for 3.3.1 and 3.3.3 to replace note about definition of input error Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-07-16
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Draft new proposal for 2.4.6 taking into consideration the WCAG survey comments Peter Korn 2012-07-16
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Work with Loretta, James, Michael, and Bruce to draft new proposal on 4.1.1 Peter Korn 2012-07-16
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Create a page that collects all of the guidance that uses some variation of the "software" term David MacDonald 2012-07-16
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Draft new proposal for 2.4.6 Headings and Labels Peter Korn 2012-07-16
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Look at why e-mails are not getting attached to the actions Michael Cooper 2012-07-24
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Draft proposal for editor's notes Peter Korn 2012-07-24
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Work with Peter to draft example of input that falls outside the allowed range for 3.3.1 Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-07-24
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Start discussion to revisit use of "electronic document" in 2.2.1 - used to be "interactive document" Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-07-24
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Work with Judy, Gregg, Andi, and Peter on proposing language in the introduction related to issue of "interpretation" Alex Li 2012-07-24
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Revisit Christophe's comments on 1.4.4 Resize Text from the WCAG 19 July survey Peter Korn 2012-07-27
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Find a replacement term for "title attribute" in 2.4.2 Page Titled Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-07-27
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Revisit success criteria when addressing the term "content" Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-07-27
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Discuss issue of identifying the human language of the input with M376 team and come back with a proposal if necessary Mike Pluke 2012-08-14
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Work with Gregg, Peter, Bruce, Alex, and Kiran on 3.2.3 and 2.4.5 Pierce Crowell 2012-08-21
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Make a proposal for a note to be added to 3.1.1 guidance to clarify the meaning of the last phrase "in that locale/language" Mike Pluke 2012-08-24
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Work with Peter, Bruce, [Pierce], David, Mike, Kiran, Alex, and Andi to develop a proposal on conformance Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-11-18
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Coordinate with Shawn Henry to get updated input on Introduction Judy Brewer 2012-08-24
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Ask WCAG to clarify their intent with regard to "blinking" and the examples of the button and multiple colors Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-08-31
ACTION-52 (edit) pending review Discuss the issue of "clear label" in the definition of "context-sensitive help" Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-08-31
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Modify introductory information discussing what content means in the introduction - 'where the word "content" or "web content" appear, it should be interpreted as [text we agreed to at the August 17th meeting]' Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-08-31
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Ask WCAG to add examples to WCAG INTENT for 2.2.1 Timing Adjustable, 2.2.2 Pause, Stop, Hide, and 2.2.3 No Timing per his comment on the survey Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-09-04
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Develop proposal for SC 1.1.1 WCAG 2.0 INTENT that addresses the concern with the example in the definition of "specific sensory experience" Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-09-07
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Propose text to add to SC 3.3.4 WCAG INTENT to cover the concern about the verb "access" in the definition of "user-controllable" Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-09-07
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Work with Loic to put together analysis of all SC where "UI Component" is used to see if the ISO definiiton will work Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-09-07
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Craft note for WCAG 2.0 to describe this term only applies to SC 1.4.5 Alex Li 2012-09-07
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Find some real-world examples of sets of documents for group to look at and revisit Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-09-07
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Create web page to show where 'user agent' is used for analysis of how well it works Mary Jo Mueller 2012-09-07
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Propose notes for both 'user agent' and 'content' to clarify software usage; work with Gregg, Loic, and Mike Peter Korn 2012-09-21
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Look at all uses of "electronic document(s)" to see if there are any issues in replacing it with "non-embedded content" Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-09-28
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Draft intro paragraph for closed products and text for each SC that uses programmatically determined Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-10-02
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Start outline of intro text describing content terms - why we don't use simple terms like "electronic documents", etc. Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-10-02
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Gather incoming comments to M376 team wrt closed functionality in the WCAG2ICT domain Mike Pluke 2012-10-02
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Work with Gregg to draft language about reporting progress toward conformance Peter Korn 2012-10-12
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Work with Peter on defining what navigation means in software Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-10-12
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Draft addendum to 2.4.2 INTENT to clarify that product names are sufficient Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-10-16
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Draft additional text for closed functionality section to clarify these provisions are excluded from closed products Pierce Crowell 2012-10-23
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Work with on a proposal for 3.2.3 that avoids having to define "navigational mechanisms" for software. Peter Korn 2012-10-23
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Take consensus language for 2.4.5 (documents only) and try to apply it to a proposal for 3.2.3 Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-10-23
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Suggest to WCAG WG to add to 4.1.1 INTENT that authors using an editing tool should not have to worry about this. Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-10-26
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Schedule agenda topic to talk about overall organization & presentation - intent before our guidance, intent after our guidance, intent links to WCAG, additional version of the guidance doc with just the substitutions Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-10-26
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Put process resolution about grammatical edits on next agenda Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-10-26
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Work with Gregg to draft summary of our positions on applying 2.4.1, 2.4.5, and 3.2.3 to software Peter Korn 2012-10-26
ACTION-76 (edit) closed update text on the remaining items on the survey and make the word substitutions Andi Snow-Weaver 2012-11-01
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Work with Alex, Kiran, and Gregg to draft introductory text to address the UAAG concern with user agent Alex Li 2012-11-13
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Work with Peter to develop some additional text for closed functionality that explains the issues that need to be addressed in closed functionality without wandering into specifying a standard Mike Pluke 2012-11-16
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Work with Mike on interpretation of "change of context" for software for 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 Peter Korn 2012-12-04
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Work with Peter to develop guidance text for "programmatically determined" for software Mike Pluke 2012-12-04
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Review first sentence of Abstract; reference to conformance isn't in sync with our Work Statement Peter Korn 2012-12-14
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Consider adding to the Closed Functionality section a mention that user agents may not be present on closed ICT Peter Korn 2012-12-14
ACTION-83 (edit) closed And Michael sort out clarifications regarding how and where to comment on the draft. Judy Brewer 2012-12-14
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Propose additional rationale language to explain and/or document how we arrived on the guidance and any special considerations (cf. Mary Jo's comments on the introduction at this week's survey, at Peter Korn 2012-12-14
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Propose text for guidance on Guidelines per his comments on the survey Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-12-18
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Put item on next year's agenda to consider whether we want to request feedback on "set of software" and any additional topics using a "chaser note" Mike Pluke 2012-12-25
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Raise topic at end of project on issues to send to WCAG (such as keyboard) Mike Pluke 2012-12-28
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Propose modification to WCAG intent for 3.3.4 to address concern with certain types of financial transactions Alex Li 2012-12-28
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Modification to WCAG intent for 3.3.2 to address concern with automatic changes of context Alex Li 2012-12-28
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Propose a note to 2.4.3 to address comment in LC-2678 - recorded in WG Note section of the comment Peter Korn 2012-12-28
ACTION-91 (edit) pending review Re-write response to LC-2676 and we will re-survey Mike Pluke 2012-12-28
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Collect all of the changes agreed to since last draft Mike Pluke 2013-04-19
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Draft language for SC pages that this is not the latest language and refer to the latest draft Andi Snow-Weaver 2013-04-19
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Draft proposals for deferred glossary terms Andi Snow-Weaver 2013-04-19
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Propose a global edit to the document for how it refers to itself; i.e. WCAG2ICT or "this document", etc. Andi Snow-Weaver 2013-05-03
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Develop a WCAG2ICT Note to "change of context" glossary term (and/or to SC 3.2.1: On Focus) Peter Korn 2013-05-10
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Propose modification to WCAG 2.0 ERRATA for SC 1.3.1 to clarify structure wrt collections of web pages Gregg Vanderheiden 2013-05-10
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Make proposal for "accessibility supported" and "technology (web content)" David MacDonald 2013-05-10

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