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WCAG 2.0 Materials Support Task Force Work Statement

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Any updates to deliverables in progress will be posted on the EOWG home page, Current Work


The WCAG 2.0 Materials Support Task Force is a joint task force of the EOWG and WCAG WG. It operates under the EOWG charter.

The Task Force generally takes a lead role in developing specified deliverables, and all work is vetted through EOWG and WCAG WG, as relevant.

The objective of the Task Force is to:


WAI WCAG 2.0 Materials Support Task Force communications are publicly visible. Communication mechanisms for the Task Force include:


Task Force participants must be participants of the EOWG or the WCAG WG, and must actively contribute to the work of the Task Force, including:

W3C Team Leadership

The Task Force facilitator is Shawn Henry.


WCAG 2.0 Materials Support Task Force participants are:

  1. Andrew Arch
  2. Ben Caldwell
  3. Henny Swan
  4. Shawn Henry
  5. William Loughborough
  6. (David MacDonald)
  7. (Harvey Bingham)
  8. (Pasquale Popolizio)
  9. (Wayne Dick)