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ARIA 1.0 Test Plan

This page is intended to become the primary resource for the ARIA test plan. Previous information was available in the wiki.


  1. Identify test priorities (mostly done in CR prep, but need to check for stray MUSTs)
  2. Build / obtain test repository
  3. Create / harvest test files
    1. Unit tests (mostly auto generated)
    2. Feature tests
    3. Dynamic tests
    4. Additional tests
  4. Develop test procedures
  5. Identify test tools and determine how to use for this project (see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-wai-pf/2011JanMar/0066.html for example)
  6. Build / obtain test harness
  7. Identify test targets (UAs on OS)
    1. Establish point of contact with user agents we're testing so we can address problems
    2. The following implementations have been submitted for consideration:
      • @@
      • Note AIA
  8. Build / obtain test tools
  9. Identify / recruit testers
  10. Train testers
  11. Set up automatable tests?
  12. Execute tests and record results
  13. Perform QA checks on test results
  14. Analyze data to determine if necessary coverage found
  15. Write draft implementation report
  16. Work with implementers to patch holes in coverage
  17. Redo needed tests
  18. Write final implementation report

Take on plan from Judy

  1. enumerating what tests are needed
  2. enumerating what implementations may exist; identifying gaps where nothing exists; securing commitments to fill gaps
  3. verifying what valid implementations do exist; identifying gaps where implementations aren't yet valid; securing commitments to fix
  4. verifying and reporting complete CR exit criteria met

Testable statements

Tests required for CR

The following is a set of types of assertions that must be tested for CR.

Tests excluded from CR

The following tests have been identified that would benefit browser interoperability verification, but are understood to be not required to advance beyond CR.

Test plan template

ID Host lang Testable statement Type Test file Test procedure Expected Result
1 HTML mapping of alert role roles-plain-alert check mapping of first child element under element with id "test" should map to @@

Test types

Expected results

Machine format

<test id="1" type="role">
<testfile href="roles-plain-alert"/>