ACTION-173: Figure out what he wants to do about CSS 2.1 issue 115

Figure out what he wants to do about CSS 2.1 issue 115

David Baron
Due on:
August 26, 2009
Created on:
August 19, 2009
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From the IRC log when this was created:

16:18:49 <fantasai> Issue 115 (?)
16:18:49 <plinss>
16:19:16 <fantasai> dbaron: I think fantasai's text has a serious bug in it in that it says every element has clear even if it's not next to floats
16:19:40 <fantasai> dbaron: I sent a message to the list a week ago, but it wasn't clear so I sent another one just now
16:20:19 <dbaron> s/says every element has clear/says every element with 'clear' inhibits margin collapsing/
16:20:20 <fantasai>
16:24:11 <fantasai> dbaron: I don't think there's an issue here
16:24:25 <fantasai> s/I don't think/I'm not sure/
16:24:42 <fantasai> fantasai: There is, there are cases where you need clearance to be zero and still be clearance.
16:24:56 <fantasai> fantasai: Anton pointed out that the spec in some places assumes zero clearance is no clearance
16:25:08 <fantasai> ACTION: dbaron figure out what he wants to do about this
16:25:08 <trackbot> Created ACTION-173 - Figure out what he wants to do about this [on David Baron - due 2009-08-26].

David Baron, 29 Jun 2010, 20:37:31

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