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About the Service

This RDF validation service is based on Another RDF Parser (ARP). It currenlty uses version 2-alpha-1. ARP was created and is maintained by Jeremy Carroll at HP-Labs in Bristol.

This means that the service now supports the Last Call Working Draft specifications issued by the RDF Core Working Group, including datatypes. It no longer supports deprecated elements and attributes of the standard RDF Model and Syntax Specification and will issue warnings or errors when encountering them. See RDF Issue Tracking for more information. The service does not do any RDF Schema Specification validation.

This W3C service was created by Nokia's Art Barstow (a former W3C Team member). The internationalization was done by Martin Dürst. It was previously maintained by Emmanuel Pietriga (another former W3C Team member), who also implemented the IsaViz plug-in. It is currently maintained jointly by Eric Prud'hommeaux (, Ryan Lee ( and Ted Guild (

Note that other online RDF validation services are available.

Using this service

Note: when parsing large RDF files, requesting Triples Only instead of Triples and Graph will significantly shorten the response time of this service.

Note: a new zoomable representation of the graph is available by selecting option IsaViz/ZVTM (Dynamic View) as the desired Graph Format. This Java applet is based on IsaViz and requires the Java Plug-in to be installed and properly configured for your browser.

Note: not all scripts and characters are supported in all graph formats. For SVG output, you may have to change the font manually to match a font that is available on your system.
Note: image and DOT files are only saved on the W3C RDF Validator site for 24 hours.

The graph is generated using version 1.8.9 of the AT&T Labs GraphViz open source graph drawing software.


Bug reports and detailed source-code related feedback are encouraged (as are contributions of bug fixes and improvements!).

Bug reports relating to the parsing should be sent to Jeremy Carroll.

Bug reports relating to the web pages and the graph visualization should be sent to www-rdf-validator. When in doubt, send e-mail to both.

The W3C's RDF Interest Group provides a public forum for discussion of RDF applications, interfaces and related issues. See the RDF Interest Group Home Page page for more information as well as the RDF IG mailing list.

Servlet Source Code

The servlet source code is available at:

The servlet uses: ARP 2 thus it depends on Xerces 2 and SAX2 as documented at the ARP home page. The servlet also uses Apache's RE (Regexp) class.

What Happened to SiRPAC?

The W3C no longer maintains the SiRPAC parser. Here are some potentially useful links if you are interested in SiRPAC:

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