QA News for the year 2004

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2004 News

Link Checker update (version 4.1)

25 November 2004: W3C's free Link Checker was updated with a new bug fix release. Use the link checking service online or check the release announcement for download information.

Specification Guidelines published as Last Call Working Draft

22 November 2004: The QA Working Group has published a new version of QA Framework: Specification Guidelines as a Last Call Working Draft; being published as Last Call means that the Working Group believes the document is ready and seeks as wide feedback as possible.

LogValidator v0.5 - looking for feature wishlist and stories

18 November 2004: Version 0.5 of the Log Validator quality-focused log analysis and batch validation tool, was released. On this occasion, we are launching acall for wishes and stories too help us look forward and improve the tool.

New version of the QA Framework has been published!

30 August 2004: After an intense editing work, a new version of the QA Framework documents has been published: The QA Handbook, The Specification Guidelines, Variability in Specifications. (News archive)

New Link Checker supporting Robots exclusion, New Markup Validator released

23 July 2004: Updates of the popular W3C Markup Validator (bugfix release) (announcement) and W3C Link Checker (feature-full release with new support for robots exclusion protocol) (announcement).

"Month in QA", May and June 2004

1 July 2004: The May/June 2004 issue of the monthly summary of the activity in and around the mailing-lists of QA has just been published, and contains clear and immediate access to most of the recent important news and discussions about QA at W3C: the status of the QA Framework documents, the minutes of the latest face-to-face meeting, a discussion on extensibility, and more. .

Good introduction to LogValidator

20 June 2004: Web design site SitePoint recently published a clear and concise introduction to the Log Validator.

QA Tools news

10 June 2004: A lot of recent activity within the W3C QA Tools development effort, with the recent releases of the popular W3C Markup Validator, a beta test for the W3C Link Checker, and a new version of the quality-focused Web server log analysis tool Log Validator.

QA WG Face to Face

8 June 2004: The next QA WG F2F will be hosted by Sun Microsystems at Santa Clara, California, USA from June 15 to June 17 2004. Please look at the draft agenda, if you have questions, send them on (News archive)

QA Specification Guidelines updated

2 June 2004: A new Working Draft of the QA Specification Guidelines has been published by the Quality Assurance Working Group. As part of the decision to re-design the various components of the QA Framework, this version supersedes the Candidate Recommendation version published in November, and features a lightweight, less authoritarian, more useful and usable style taking into account the feedback received during this period. Previously, the QA WG had published its first version of the QA Handbook, a simplified combination of the former QA Framework: Operational Guidelines and QA Framework: Introduction. (News archive)

Link Checker 3.9.2 - first standalone release

2 April 2004: Link Checker 3.9.2 released. Previously bundled as part of the W3C Markup Validator suite, the free online W3C link checker service has been updated with this latest release version, and in addition to that, it is now distributed on CPAN and easy to install locally.

"Month in QA", March 2004

2 April 2004: The March 2004 issue of the monthly summary of the activity in and around the mailing-lists of QA has just been published, courtesy of QAIG co-chair Lynne Rosenthal. A lot of important things have been going on in the QA activity this month, be sure to check this summary for at least a quick review: a new QA framework, Test Suite validity, NIST's presentation on test suite development, new ways of communicating with the QAWG, and more...

QA Framework remodeling

26 March 2004: At the Quality Assurance (QA) Working Group/Interest Group face-to-face meeting during the W3C Technical Plenary Week 2004, the QA Working Group decided on a complete remodeling of the QA Framework. As announced during the Technical Plenary Day, this follows trial implementation experiences during Candidate Recommendation, as well as comments and feedback from Working Groups and individuals. (News archive).

Participating to W3C QA with the wiki

12 March 2004: Recently, the QA Activity has opened a QA section in a wiki to help to gather information about specific topics. You have a unique opportunity to easily participate to the effort of an activity at W3C. If you are interested by QA Tools or if you want to share the common answers about Best Web Practices or participate to the QA Education and Outreach effort, you have just a very simple thing to do, hit the Edit Text button on each page and write. (News archive).

"Month in QA", February 2004

9 March 2004: The February 2004 issue of the monthly summary of the activity in and around the mailing-lists of QA has just been published. DOM Test Suite Methodology has been explained in depth by Dimitris Dimitriadis and some of the topics of the wiki are covered like Testabiblity, Test Case Metadata and Test Suite Architecture. (News archive).

"WaSP asks W3C", an introduction to CC/PP

17 February 2004: This month, in our continuing WaSP asks W3C project, WASP asked QA for an introduction to CC/PP. Discussion and debate are welcome on the public-evangelist mailing list. (News archive).

The QA Activity starts a Wiki

16 February 2004: The QA Activity has decided to start a Wiki to leverage the participation of all the people interested in the various aspects of QA at W3C. This collaborative Web space is open to your suggestions and comments and more important to your contribution. A new way for everyone to get involved into the QA work at W3C! (News archive).

CSS Validator has been fixed

10 February 2004: The CSS Validator has been recently fixed by Sijtsche Smeman for a known bug after request by the Web community. Other bugs will certainly arise in the future, if you find one, please do submit it to the mailing list and if possible propose a patch to this Open source software. (News archive).

"box model hack" bug in the CSS validator

Web designers and developers have recently become aware of an old bug in the CSS validator which causes it to invalidate stylesheets using the infamous CSS box model hack, while it should return a simple warning. We are doing our best to get rid of this annoying bug as soon as possible.

The validators and other QA tools at W3C are open source, and live thanks to the awesome dedication and help of the Web community. Everyone is welcome to participate and help us fix the bugs and build better, friendlier tools. (News Archive).

"Month in QA", January 2004

2 February 2004: The January 2004 issue of the monthly summary of the activity in and around the mailing-lists of QA has just been published. Highlighted this month are a call for guests to bring in their topics to the QA Working Group's meetings, approaches to building tests, and more. (News archive).

"WaSP asks W3C" now indexed in the QA Library

02 February 2004: For your pleasure and convenience an index of the "WaW" articles produced within the "WaSP asks W3C" project, is now available in our QA Library. (News archive).

QA WG F2F at the Technical Plenary 2004

23 January 2004: The QA WG and IG will have their F2F in Cannes-Mandelieu during the Technical Plenary 2004. If you have been an active participant of the QA IG, you might want to contact the QA IG chairs to be invited. (News archive).

14 January 2004: After two years of existence, the QA Activity has been renewed by the W3C Membership. The QA Working Group will pursue its mission of improving the internal work done at W3C, by finishing the QA Framework and providing tools to achieve a high level of quality for specifications. The QA Interest Group is continuing its activity on education and outreach to provide better information to users, developers and managers. (News archive).

New QA Lead: Dominique Hazaël-Massieux

10 January 2004: Dominique Hazaël-Massieux is the new QA Lead. He has accepted this position with the view to promote QA within W3C. Daniel Dardailler, the former QA Lead, will dedicate his time to the management of W3C Europe. Congratulations to Dominique! (News archive).

WASP asks W3C: Benefits of XHTML Modularization

4 January 2004: The WASP asks a question to W3C on a regular basis and the QA answers, giving a reasonable overview of the topic. The last question was What are the benefits of XHTML modularization?. People are welcome to debate on the public-evangelist mailing list. (News archive).

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