About QA-Dev

The goal of the Quality Assurance Activity at W3C was to improve the quality of W3C specifications and their implementation on the field. QA Tools Development (or, in short, "qa-dev") is one of the efforts launched by the activity in order to reach this global goal. Validation services are now maintained by Systems Team

What QA did


Development of stable and experimental new tools and services was conducted by the qa-dev effort.


qa-dev maintained a number of tools and services.

Current projects

Here is a limited list of projects maintained or developed by the qa-dev effort. This list does not include experimental un-released projects.


There are many ways you can help in the maintenance, bug fixing, and development of the QA-dev suite of tools.

One is to send bug reports when you find one:

If you want to participate in the development or coding, you can easily grab the code for all our tools and send us a patch. And from there on, if you want to join the developer's team for these tools, you are most welcome... The more, the merrier!

Available resources

on the Web



The qa-dev Team

Coordination by W3C Staff

The qa-dev effort was coordinated by Olivier Thereaux with support from other W3C staff.

Developers and Contributors

qa-dev development work is achieved by a team of volunteer, benevolent contributors. Past and present major contributors include:

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