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Talks and presentations

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Panel at the SmartWIPclub session on WebRTC
Paris, France, November 28
The Web: on Mobile and Beyond
Keynote at MobiCASE 2013, Paris, France, November 7
Standards for Web applications on mobile
Tutorial at NETTAB 2013 workshop, Venice, Italy, October 16
Web and Location
Keynote at the TUT W3C Technology Day, Tampere, Finland, September 11
W3C and the Web of Things
Web of Things Summer School (École d'Été Web Intelligence 2013 « Le Web des objets »), Lyon, France, September 5
Closing the Gap with Native
W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, Tokyo, Japan, June 10
The Web: THE Platform for connected devices
Keynote at the Tizen Developer Conference 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA, May 23rd
Web & Multimedia
Master 1 class at ISEN Engineering School, March 15- April 11
Privacy considerations around access to camera and microphone
W3C Privacy Interest Group teleconference, March 28
Hypertext, Hypermedia, Hyperdevices
W3C Developer Meetup at TPAC, October 29, Lyon, France
Réaliser une appli mobile à base de HTML5 (HTML5 Augmented Reality app walk through)
W3Café France, June 29, Paris, France
Le Web des fonctions
Conférence Grame, June 27, Lyon, France
Mobile Web Apps and HTML5
Workshop on Mobile Web & HTML5, June 6, Barcelona, Spain
Tutorial on HTML5 and Mobile Web Applications (code walk-through)
second MOSQUITO event, May 30th, Paris, France
W3C Open Web Platform, a platform for connected devices
Mobile web challenges workshop, May 29, Paris, France
Video of the session Web & HTML5 session (video)
Adobe Creative Week 2012, May 24, Paris, France
Video record of the panelDevice/Network API panel (video)
Mobilism 2012, May 11 Amsterdam, Netherlands
HTML5 & the Open Web Platfrom
HTML5 session during the Future Internet Assembly, May 10, Aalborg, Denmark
The MobiWebApp Project
European Projecst track at WWW2012, April 19, Lyon, France
APIs & Privacy: Web Permissions
W3C Track at WWW2012, April 18, Lyon, France
Permissions for Web Applications
W3C TAG F2F, April 3rd, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Le Web Mobile Zen
Rencontres Experts Eyrolles, Sites web : les meilleures pratiques, March 27, Paris, France
Mélimélo : où va Internet ? Ce qu’il y a après le 2.0 (BarCamp on Web of Data)
March 15, Toulon, France
Unpanel on Mobile Web
WIPJam @ MWC 2012, March 1st 2012, Barcelona, Spain
Le Web, plate-forme de convergence des appareils connectés
Conférence INRIA Lille autour du W3C , February 14, Lille, France
The Web: A Platform for Connected Devices
W3C Spain Day, January 12, Granada, Spain
Browser Panel
Paris Web 2011, October 14, Paris, France
Plasticité des IHM: le Web et l’adaptation de contenu
2 hours lesson at Polytech’nice, October 7, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Native ←♥→ Web
Over the Air 2011, Septempber 30th 2011, Bletchley, UK
Best Practices for developing Mobile Web Applications
Open World Forum 2011, September 23, Paris, France
W3C and Open Data
Open Data Garage, July 6, Marseilles, France
HTML5: the new face of the Web panel
E1 S2 conference, June 10, Toulon, France
The Web: a platform for applications on connected devices
Mobile Web Applications Camp, part of the W3C track in the WWW2011 conference, March 31, 2011, Hyderabad, India
HTML5 et les nouvelles technologies du Web
43.117 (Toulon digital companies network) meet up, March 24, 2011, Toulon, France
The Web: a platform for applications on connected devices (SVG version of the slides)
Future of Mobile Web Application, W3C Device API Day 2011, March 17, 2011, Seoul, South Korea
W3C Widgets and the Open Web Platform
WAC Developer event during Mobile World Congress, February 14, Barcelona, Spain
Applications Web / Applications Natives
Panel on Quelles sont les meilleures méthodes de développement d'applications mobiles ? (what are the best methods to develop mobile applications), in Le développement des nouveaux services mobiles, INRIA, January 21, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Video record of the presentation (in French) HTML5 et le Web de demain (SVG)
Paris Web 2010, October 14, Paris, France
Video of the presentation
Applications Web Mobiles au W3C (SVG)
Conférence de Presse W3C, 13 Octobre, Paris, France
On the Web: mobile and accessible? (SVG slides, HTML paper)
Invited Speaker on Rich Internet Applications track in 1st International Conference of ÆGIS, October 8, Seville, Spain
Video record of the event (in French) The Next Open Web Platform
Paris HTML5 Meetup in La Cantine, April 7, Paris, France
Input to Native or Web Application? How Best to Deliver Content and Services to Your Audiences over the Mobile Phone
Global Intelligence Alliance Webinar, 8 April
Sophia-Antipolis BarCamp on Mobile Internet
Sophia-Antipolis BarCamp, March 4
Blog report
W3C Cheatsheet for developers (SVG)
W3C Technical Plenary day, November 4, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Slides for mobile Web challenges Introduction to W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices — Live!: challenges, Designing for mobile
Live training on Mobile Web Best Practices, October 14, Cambridge, United Kingdom
W3C and the Social Web (SVG)
10 Anniversario del W3C Italia, Pisa, Italy, October 7 2009
Web 2.0 and Beyond (HTML version)
WITFOR 2009, Economic Opportunities Commission, August 26, Hanoi, Vietnam
Building Web Apps & Widgets with W3C Standards
Mobile 2.0 Barcelona Developer Day, June 18 2009, Barcelona Activa, Barcelona (Spain)
Agenda Social Web and Mobile Widgets Bar Camps
W3C Track in WWW2009, April 23-24 2009, Madrid, Spain
Video record of the panel Device Independent or Accessible
European Accessibility Forum 2009, March 27 2009, Frankfurt, Germany
Report Workshop on the Future of Social Networking
W3C Workshop, January 15-16 2009, Barcelona, Spain
Report Workshop on Securing Access to Device APIs
W3C Workshop, December 11-12 2008, London, UK
Tutoriel Web mobile
On-line Access-key Tutorial
Open/Proprietary/Standards in the Mobile Web industry
Mobile Web Europe 2008, September 23rd 2008, London, UK
The Web on the Move session
W3C track in WWW2008 conference, April 23rd 2008, Beijing, China
Video of the presentation (in French) Les Bonnes Pratiques du Web Mobile
Paris Web 2007, on November 16 2007, in Paris, France
audio record (Ogg/Vorbis)
Le W3C et l’Initiative pour le Web Mobile
MobileWeb BarCamp, October 13 2007, Paris
Le Web mobile, partout et pour tous ?
First European e-Accessibility Forum, January 29 2007, Paris, France
Why the Mobile Web Matters and How to Get Started (12 min tutorial)
November 2006 AC Meeting, Tokyo, Japan
Introduction to Mobile Web Best Practices (one hour webinar)
W3C Webinar, November 20 2006
Best Practices for a mobileOK Web (15 min presentation)
W3C Mobile Web Seminar, Paris, France, 16 November
Mobile Web Initiative presentation (10 minutes presentation)
WWW2006 Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 24 May 2006
QA Activity report (Member-only)
June 2005 AC Meeting, Mandelieu-la Napoule, France
Bridging XHTML, XML and RDF with GRDDL
XTech 2005, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26 May 2005
accompanying paper
Lightning Talk on Working Group Tools
March 2005 Technical Plenary, Boston, MA, USA, 2 March 2005
QA Framework presentation to the Voice Browser Working Group
Voice Browser Working Group teleconference, 15 February 2005
Working Group Tools Project Review
Project Review, 6 January 2005
QA update June-December 2004 (Member-only)
December 2004 AC Meeting, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2 December 2004
Semantics on the Web and their practical Applications
Gira Estándares W3C 2004, Valencia, 11 November 2004
QA in the field for the Compound Document Formats Working Group
CDF WG F2F, Sophia-Antipolis, 8 November 2004
Participation in a workshop on open standards for the Internet
l'Université de Printemps de la FING 2004, Aix-en-Provence, 6 May 2004
Introduction to the Quality Assurance Activity (Member-only)
What's new in the QA Activity (Member-only)
Demonstration of IPP, an Implementation of the Patent Policy
May 2004 AC Meeting, New-York City, May 16-18
Making Test Suites works for Working Groups"
March 2004 Technical Plenary, Cannes-Mandelieu, March 3rd
W3C QA Overview - AC Meeting Japan [restricted]
November 2003 AC Meeting, Shin Yokohama, Japan
The Semantic Web and its applications at W3C
SIMO, Madrid, Nov. 6
Accessibilité et standards Web
AVICAM, Paris, Sept. 17
RDF in Real Life - Some examples of RDF applications
Semantic Web, Athens, June 19
Semantic Web Applications at W3C
WWW2003 - Developers day, Budapest, May 23
Specification Guidelines outline: better specifications for better conformance and interoperability
WWW2003 - W3C Track, Budapest, May 21
WBS Overview [restricted]
May 2003 AC Meeting, Budapest, May 19

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