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Economic Opportunities - WITFOR 2009 — Hanoi, Viet Nam, August 2009

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Web 2.0

Web 2.0

Tim O'Reilly's definition:

Decentralization of the control of information
"Right to communicate"
impact well beyond ICT

Before Web 2.0

Illustration of the Web before Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Illustrated

Web 2.0 properties as defined by Tim O'Reilly

Web As Platform

Reuse of data and services:

Collective Intelligence

Device Independent


Mini Nabaztag by sneeu

User Experiences

Make contributing

Web 2.0: opportunities

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Offices suite, learning from videos, sharing of knowledge  and information on blog
can build great services based on the API made available by others: e.g. Google Maps
social networks expose new form and set of data

Web 2.0: challenges

Web 2.0: challenges specific to developing countries

advertizing needs a market
start-ups needs fund, but only few opportunities for funding in developing economies
market to sell ICT-based services much smaller due to infrastructure limitations
network deployment (mobile help)
reliance on heavy Javascript usage => greater need for hardware ; mobile Web deplyment helps somewhat; also, "graceful degradation"/"progressive enhancement" helps
un-localized content and services make them less or not useful in many countries (but an opportunity for local development of local equivalents)

Web 2.0 by developing economies

Web 2.0 services in Africa
Many localized equivalent of English/Western-centric services
but also specific services

Africa's Web 2.0 Sites by whiteafrican

Sanaga: sharing of videos and music MamaMikes: sending voucher gifts and more to Kenya (quite a few have already closed: Amagama, grabble, ...)

Web 2.0 for developing economies

“Towards Development 2.0?”, Mark Thompson (2007)

Beyond Web 2.0


Slides at http://bit.ly/witforweb20
also available as a Prezi slideshow

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