Online Symposium: Easy-to-Read on the Web

21 November 2012 | Archive

Registration is now open for the online symposium on Easy-to-Read on the Web to be held on 3 December 2012. Researchers, practitioners, content authors, designers, developers, users with disabilities, and others are invited to participate. The symposium will address how to make information on the Web easier to understand, particularly by people with cognitive disabilities and people with low language skills. The symposium will explore user needs and the state of the art in research, development, and practice to contribute to a common understanding of easy-to-read on the Web. For details and registration, see Easy-to-Read on the Web - Online Symposium. Learn more about the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

User Interface Safety Directives for Content Security Policy Draft Published

20 November 2012 | Archive

The Web Application Security Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of User Interface Safety Directives for Content Security Policy. This document defines directives for the Content Security Policy mechanism to declare a set of input protections for a web resource's user interface, defines a non-normative set of heuristics for Web user agents to implement these input protections, and a reporting mechanism for when they are triggered. Learn more about the Security Activity.

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