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13 April 2009

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W3C Invites Developers to Mobile Widgets, Social Web Camps During WWW2009

2009-04-07: W3C invites people to attend the W3C Track at WWW2009, in Madrid, Spain on 23-24 April 2009. Part of WWW2009, the first day of the track is a Mobile Widgets Camp and the second a Social Web Camp. Conference participants and the local developer community are invited to submit topics of discussion in advance, via the W3C Track wikis. In addition to the W3C Track, Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the Web, will deliver the WWW2009 opening keynote titled "Twenty Years: Looking Forward, Looking Back". Read the press release. (Permalink)

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W3C Germany and Austria Office Moves to Potsdam

2009-04-09: After 12 years of successful work at Fraunhofer (or former GMD) the W3C Germany and Austria Office moves from Sankt Augustin (near Bonn) to Postdam (near Berlin). The University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam (FHP) is the new host of the Office. A ceremonial launch is planned for September 2009. Felix Sasaki will be the new Office Manager at FHP.

W3C would like to thank Fraunhofer and the W3C Germany and Austria Office staff, led by Thomas Tikwinski and Klaus Birkenbihl before him, for their contributions to W3C and the Web during the past 12 years. Learn more about the W3C Offices, regional W3C representatives that help promote the W3C mission. (Permalink)

Note Published: W3C Personalization Roadmap: Ubiquitous Web Integration of AccessForAll 1.0

2009-04-09: The Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group has published the Group Note of W3C Personalization Roadmap: Ubiquitous Web Integration of AccessForAll 1.0. This document describes an activity of integrating personalization with device context for the delivery of content materials and interface components that are customized to meet both individual personal needs and preferences and delivery context. It brings together the work of separate standards and specifications organizations and working groups, notably W3C Ubiquitous Web Applications working group, IMS Global Learning Consortium Accessibility Special Interest group, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training: Human Diversity and Access For All working group and associated working groups in SC36. The document should be viewed as a roadmap for the work to be undertaken and includes description of the basis for the work, the organizational context, the likely technologies and a partially complete description of how the technologies fit together. Learn more about the Ubiquitous Web Applications Activity. (Permalink)

Efficient XML Interchange Evaluation Draft Published

2009-04-07: The Efficient XML Interchange Working Group has published a Working Draft of Efficient XML Interchange Evaluation. This document presents the anticipated benefits of the EXI format 1.0 compared to XML and gzipped XML. Additionally, tests for compactness include comparison to ASN.1 PER. The points of comparison are the requirements set by the EXI Working Group charter, based on the results of the XML Binary Characterization Working Group. Learn more about the Extensible Markup Language (XML) Activity. (Permalink)

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