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ACTION-129 (edit) open Add more spatial relationship things Ed Parsons 2015-12-23
ACTION-198 (edit) open Work with chairs to define spatial relations namespace document Ed Parsons 2016-09-26
ACTION-216 (edit) open Query new face to face dates with bill roberts (15 & 16 dec) Ed Parsons 2016-11-09
ACTION-234 (edit) open bp4: to provide a snippet and to add a reference and/or some statistics related to places Ed Parsons 2016-12-22
ACTION-239 (edit) open Write a bit on being warying of crowdsourced data in the scope section 3 -- can reuse from dwbp Ed Parsons 2016-12-23
ACTION-247 (edit) open Rewrite of section 7 Coordinate Reference Systems Ed Parsons 2017-01-06 best practices
ACTION-276 (edit) open Expand intro to include cad drawings as another type of crs Ed Parsons 2017-03-08
ACTION-293 (edit) open Ask phila iana relations follow up Ed Parsons 2017-03-27
ACTION-294 (edit) open Work though public comments Ed Parsons 2017-03-27
ACTION-306 (edit) open Look at both the geojson size problem and this as an emerging approach to resolve Ed Parsons 2017-04-12

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