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ACTION-25 (edit) open Help with glossary Jeremy Tandy 2015-05-13
ACTION-58 (edit) open Keep in contact with wot re actuation Kerry Taylor 2015-07-15
ACTION-129 (edit) open Add more spatial relationship things Ed Parsons 2015-12-23
ACTION-141 (edit) open Disentangle ssn from dul (this may require adding things to ssn that are needed from dul) Kerry Taylor 2016-02-16 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-142 (edit) open Will review previous work for aligning rdf data cube with ssn Danh Le Phuoc 2016-02-16
ACTION-179 (edit) open Investigate needs for temporal relations in stream reasoning to consider for owl-time Danh Le Phuoc 2016-06-21
ACTION-180 (edit) open Check through defintions of intervals in owl-time Sefki Kolozali 2016-06-21
ACTION-187 (edit) open Talk to phila re w3c requirements and process Bill Roberts 2016-08-03
ACTION-189 (edit) open Cochrane to create a matrix of datatypes related to best practices for inclusion in bp document Byron Cochrane 2016-08-03
ACTION-198 (edit) open Work with chairs to define spatial relations namespace document Ed Parsons 2016-09-26
ACTION-213 (edit) open Coordinate the collection of implementations Danh Le Phuoc 2016-11-01
ACTION-216 (edit) open Query new face to face dates with bill roberts (15 & 16 dec) Ed Parsons 2016-11-09
ACTION-222 (edit) open Do german annotations for ssn, inc sosa, qb4st, time Armin Haller 2016-11-23
ACTION-223 (edit) open Do dutch annotations for ssn inc sosa, qb4st, time Frans Knibbe 2016-11-23
ACTION-225 (edit) open Review qb4st Kerry Taylor 2016-11-23
ACTION-229 (edit) open Work with kerry to get bps and eo-qb aligned Payam Barnaghi 2016-12-22
ACTION-230 (edit) open Add a section on multi-dimension arrays Jon Blower 2016-12-22
ACTION-231 (edit) open Discuss with phila et al to bring back for a vote at a plenary call in the new year Bill Roberts 2016-12-22
ACTION-234 (edit) open bp4: to provide a schema.org snippet and to add a reference and/or some statistics related to schema.org places Ed Parsons 2016-12-22
ACTION-239 (edit) open Write a bit on being warying of crowdsourced data in the scope section 3 -- can reuse from dwbp Ed Parsons 2016-12-23
ACTION-241 (edit) open Take the lead on bp 3 and 18 around crss Byron Cochrane 2016-12-23
ACTION-244 (edit) open Check reference to geotiff in eo doc Kerry Taylor 2016-12-23
ACTION-247 (edit) open Rewrite of section 7 Coordinate Reference Systems Ed Parsons 2017-01-06 best practices
ACTION-252 (edit) open Track down some other implementations re email from laurent Kerry Taylor 2017-01-24
ACTION-254 (edit) open Lead collecting sosa implementations Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-01-24
ACTION-258 (edit) open Ask sefki to look at ttranslations of time and ssn ontoogies Kerry Taylor 2017-02-01
ACTION-259 (edit) open Look at swedish translations of time and ssn annotations and labels Lars G. Svensson 2017-02-01
ACTION-276 (edit) open Expand intro to include cad drawings as another type of crs Ed Parsons 2017-03-08
ACTION-291 (edit) open In next sprint work on introducing relations to express similar places as well as spatial features Jeremy Tandy 2017-03-27
ACTION-293 (edit) open Ask phila iana relations follow up Ed Parsons 2017-03-27
ACTION-294 (edit) open Work though public comments Ed Parsons 2017-03-27
ACTION-306 (edit) open Look at both the geojson size problem and this as an emerging approach to resolve Ed Parsons 2017-04-12
ACTION-307 (edit) open Cross reference github with document for closes issues Linda van den Brink 2017-04-12
ACTION-314 (edit) open And antoine to write french labels and comments in sosa and ssn Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-19
ACTION-316 (edit) open Coordinate the implementation of the old ssn in its old namespace/uri Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-19
ACTION-352 (edit) open Implement ssn new in lab.environment.data.gov.au Armin Haller 2017-05-09
ACTION-356 (edit) open Create a list of axioms that do not need implementation evidence Danh Le Phuoc 2017-05-16
ACTION-359 (edit) open Add references to coveragejson document Bill Roberts 2017-05-17 CovJSON
ACTION-362 (edit) open Extend canonical examples with coastal water body example using rdfs:subclassing and punning Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-05-23
ACTION-367 (edit) open Simoncox mlefranc kjanowic danhlephuoc to create one example each that uses as many classes/properties as possible Armin Haller 2017-06-06
ACTION-368 (edit) open Update ssn-usage with links to working draft classes/properties and add new classes/properties where necessary Armin Haller 2017-06-06
ACTION-372 (edit) open And ahaller2 to rearrange examples to follow a predefined structural pattern Maxime Lefrançois 2017-06-13
ACTION-373 (edit) open Simoncox mlefranc danh to send emails to lists to collect implementation evidence, especially for actuation Armin Haller 2017-06-13
ACTION-374 (edit) open Example on how to use SSN/SOSA for Linked Data access to sensors/actuators Maxime Lefrançois 2017-06-13 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-375 (edit) open Review pull request 899 and merge if happy or get back to dmitrybrizhinev if needed Bill Roberts 2017-06-14
ACTION-377 (edit) open Remove ssn:ispropertyof a owl:functionalproperty Maxime Lefrançois 2017-06-20
ACTION-378 (edit) open Send around meeting time proposals for next week Armin Haller 2017-06-20
ACTION-379 (edit) open Add a redirect from w3.org to the github page François Daoust 2018-01-10
ACTION-380 (edit) open Roberts bring forwards rdf-qb examples from experience Bill Roberts 2018-01-31
ACTION-381 (edit) open Check with w3c strategy team whether the sdw ig can reuse the strategy funnel François Daoust 2018-02-26
ACTION-382 (edit) open Draft 2 slides for ogc orleans tc opening plenary Linda van den Brink 2018-02-26
ACTION-383 (edit) open Migrate the errata document to the github repository François Daoust 2018-02-27
ACTION-384 (edit) open Present at orleans pc Jeremy Tandy 2018-02-27
ACTION-387 (edit) open Tandy to figure out the date and time of the next plenary call Jeremy Tandy 2018-03-21
ACTION-388 (edit) open Send an email to the sdw ig about new process Jeremy Tandy 2018-04-24
ACTION-390 (edit) open Talk with dave about f2f days of the dataset exchange working group at tpac François Daoust 2018-04-24
ACTION-391 (edit) open Arrange telcon and send out details George Percivall 2018-06-12

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