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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Talk to denise mckenzie re securing a plenary slot at the barcelona tc Ed Parsons 2015-02-03
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Check payment situation Kerry Taylor 2015-02-11
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Contact stony brook uni re medical use case Phil Archer 2015-02-11
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Write up use case Matthew Perry 2015-02-11
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Write a use case about emergency response Bart van Leeuwen 2015-02-11
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Coordinate use cases from csiro land and water Simon Cox 2015-02-11
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Will chase up medical and 3d tunnelling use cases Chris Little 2015-02-11
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Write use case about dutch base registries Linda van den Brink 2015-02-11
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Add a use case on transportation Antoine Zimmermann 2015-02-11
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Review the list of ssn use-case and come up with the requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-03-18
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Remind kerry about providing validation test suite Phil Archer 2015-03-18
ACTION-12 (edit) closed test Phil Archer 2015-04-14
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Review the requirements against the use cases she added Kerry Taylor 2015-04-15
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Review the requirements against the use cases she added Erich Bremer 2015-04-15
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Review requirements for use case 16 Matthew Perry 2015-04-15
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Review the requirements against use case 23 Cory Henson 2015-04-15
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Review the requirements against the use case he added Bart van Leeuwen 2015-04-15 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Review requirements for use case 34 Bill Roberts 2015-04-15
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Look into document freezing Ed Parsons 2015-04-22
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Summaries reqs from 101 use cases Payam Barnaghi 2015-04-29
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Check ssn use cases and requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-04-29 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Summarise 101 use cases Payam Barnaghi 2015-04-29
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Create wiki page that is the scratch pad for the bp doc intro Ed Parsons 2015-05-06
ACTION-26 (edit) closed put ucr issues on every agenda Kerry Taylor 2015-05-13 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Roberts to check that the requirements have been captured from Bill Roberts 2015-05-20
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-05-20
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Simon Cox 2015-05-20
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Simon Cox 2015-05-20
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Simon Cox 2015-05-20
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Review, which came from henk schaap - gobar, in terms of requirements Linda van den Brink 2015-05-20 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Review, which came from aaron sedgmen of geoscience australia, in terms of requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-05-20
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Review, which came from aaron sedgmen of geoscience australia, in terms of requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-05-20
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Review, which came from aaron sedgmen of geoscience australia, in terms of requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-05-20
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Erich Bremer 2015-05-20
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Andrea Perego 2015-05-20 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Review, which came from zheng-shu zhou, in terms of requirements Kerry Taylor 2015-05-20
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Andrea Perego 2015-05-20 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Andrea Perego 2015-05-20
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Andrea Perego 2015-05-20
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Contact erwin folmer and ask him to review in terms of requirements Phil Archer 2015-05-20
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Karl Grossner 2015-05-20 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Review in terms of requirements Stefan Lemme 2015-05-20 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Define the term 'georectification' in the glossary Kerry Taylor 2015-05-29 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Identify how to link issues in uc doc to the tracker Jeremy Tandy 2015-06-03
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Create an issue on support to multiple formats Andrea Perego 2015-06-03 best practices
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Talk to other memebers of the ogc geosemantics dwg about this and try and take this forward as rapidly as possible. Ed Parsons 2015-06-10
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Work with ed to come up with the wording to describe to the ogc community what fpwd means Simon Cox 2015-06-10
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Make the presentations from ogc tc geosemantics summit available to this group Joshua Lieberman 2015-06-17
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Add the need to be "compatible with" rather than "dependent upon" upper ontologies Jeremy Tandy 2015-06-17
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Show frans and alejandro_llaves how to create a frozen snapshot for fpwd Jeremy Tandy 2015-06-17
ACTION-54 (edit) closed to check timescale for deliverables and report on wiki Kerry Taylor 2015-06-17
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Highlight that the default crs issue is unresolved, when next editing the ucr doc Alejandro Llaves 2015-07-08 default crs
ACTION-56 (edit) closed to update ucr snapshot with public-comments list asap Phil Archer 2015-07-08 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Monitor ogc channels for feedback on the ucr draft once released as an ogc document Ed Parsons 2015-08-31 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Contact satoru takagi to arrange tech talk Kerry Taylor 2015-08-03
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Follow up with svg Kerry Taylor 2015-08-12
ACTION-61 (edit) closed cross-reference "identifiers" issue with DoW and WA Phil Archer 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-62 (edit) closed cross-reference "identifiers" issue with DoW and WA (with phila) Armin Haller 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-63 (edit) closed cross-reference "publishing data with clear semantics" issue with DoW and WA Bill Roberts 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-64 (edit) closed cross-reference "enabling discovery" issue with DoW and WA Linda van den Brink 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-65 (edit) closed cross-reference "expressing (geo)spatial information & temporal information" issue with DoW and WA Chris Little 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-66 (edit) closed cross-reference "exposing data via APIs" issue with DoW and WA Ed Parsons 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-67 (edit) closed cross-reference "linking data" issue with DoW and WA Kerry Taylor 2015-08-19 best practices
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Invite hadley beeman to a meeting with the sdw wg at tpac Phil Archer 2015-08-26
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Add Provenance of Climate data use case Frans Knibbe 2015-08-26 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Work on issue-15 Frans Knibbe 2015-09-09 allaves
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Bring example of bluetooth to next meeting Ed Parsons 2015-09-16 best practices
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Create appropriate wiki page Ed Parsons 2015-09-16 best practices
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Add examples to wiki Frans Knibbe 2015-09-16 best practices
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Ensure we are not missing entirely important user requirements Andrea Perego 2015-09-16 best practices
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Ask tesbed email list to proide pointers to content we should knpow Joshua Lieberman 2015-09-16
ACTION-76 (edit) closed ... add "test bed initiatives" to the nottingham f2f agenda Phil Archer 2015-09-21
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Blower to do soething kerry did not catch Jon Blower 2015-09-23
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Provide text around value add of following the bps Jon Blower 2015-09-23
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Create thread for each linking theme Jeremy Tandy 2015-09-30
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Create e-mail threads for each linking subtopic Jeremy Tandy 2015-09-30
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Map use cases to bp themes Kerry Taylor 2015-10-07
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Start a wiki page on evidence for crs being needed or not Frans Knibbe 2015-10-21
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Remind on new meeting times for northern hemisphere summer Kerry Taylor 2015-10-28
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Assemble linkks to actionable data on the web for sapporo meeting Bart van Leeuwen 2015-10-28
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Write up a bp around properties in wfs to link a feature to its linked data version Bart van Leeuwen 2015-11-03 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Check the bp for versioning given in dwbp Jeremy Tandy 2015-11-03
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Arrange meeting with dwbp editors to discuss citations in early december Ed Parsons 2015-11-03
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Write to us labs to get participation in the joint linksets note Phil Archer 2015-11-03
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Write how this datacube/gazeteer/foreign key works Jeremy Tandy 2015-11-03
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Find out if we can host a meeting 8-9-10 february in the netherlands. Linda van den Brink 2015-11-03
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Send an email to ogc to fix the thursday publishing deadline issue Phil Archer 2015-11-03
ACTION-92 (edit) closed add link to data sample in use case "Publication of air quality data aggregations" Alejandro Llaves 2015-11-09 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Create actions that matches ucr issues and deliverables Frans Knibbe 2015-11-18 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Write about make the links within the dataset discoverable Bart van Leeuwen 2015-11-18
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Add to scope and link data section -- comment o spatail data without a geometry is in scope here Linda van den Brink 2015-11-18
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Making your spatial data more useful by including links to wellknown spatial resources Bill Roberts 2015-11-18
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Work on subsetting links Phil Archer 2015-11-18
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Look at a list/matrix of the common formats (geojson, gml, rdf, json-ld) and what you can or can't achieve with it. Clemens Portele 2015-11-18
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Create a wikipage with information and participants Bart van Leeuwen 2015-11-18
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Compile a list of common formats in use in spatial data Ed Parsons 2015-11-25
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Compile a list of geospatial vocabularies in rdf Bill Roberts 2015-11-25
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Create an email thread around introduction to best practice Linda van den Brink 2015-11-25
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Janowicz to compile a list of geospatial vocabularies in rdf Krzysztof Janowicz 2015-11-25
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Determine the rules for ogc quorum Chris Little 2015-12-02
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Provide clemensportele a list of further attributes required to describe each data format (relates to action 98) Jeremy Tandy 2015-12-02
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Deconflict actions 98 (clemens and 100 (ed) - they both seem to be about formats Jeremy Tandy 2015-12-02
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Propose some wording around https cf http Phil Archer 2015-12-09
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Add issue to best practice 1 regarding use of http uri or just globally unique identifier Jeremy Tandy 2015-12-09
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Sned us the info on https? in semweb community Krzysztof Janowicz 2015-12-09
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Add Emergency response services use case to UCR doc Frans Knibbe 2015-12-17 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Add new SSN use cases and requirements Frans Knibbe 2015-01-15 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-23 Jeremy Tandy 2016-03-01 best practices
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-15 Chris Little 2015-03-01 Time ontology in OWL
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-18 Manolis Koubarakis 2015-03-01 Coverage in Linked Data
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-19 Manolis Koubarakis 2016-03-01 Coverage in Linked Data
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-20 Kerry Taylor 2016-03-01 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-24 Kerry Taylor 2016-03-01 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-26 Chris Little 2016-03-01 Time ontology in OWL
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-28 Jeremy Tandy 2016-03-01 best practices
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-29 Jeremy Tandy 2016-03-01 best practices
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Resolve UCR ISSUE-30 Jeremy Tandy 2016-03-01 best practices
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Write short textual summary of changes since fpwd of the ucr doc Frans Knibbe 2015-12-16
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Add links to diff and commit history to ucr doc Phil Archer 2015-12-16
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Update gh pages index etc Phil Archer 2015-12-16
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Ensure wiki has link to Kerry Taylor 2015-12-16
ACTION-127 (edit) closed to comment on table content and format around action-98 Joshua Lieberman 2015-12-16
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Talk to christine perey about the need for relative positioning Joshua Lieberman 2015-12-23
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Change fragment identifier for chunks in bp doc Linda van den Brink 2015-12-23
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Coordinate ssn editors slot at meeting Kerry Taylor 2016-01-20
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Coordinate the ssn group in terms of what is planned for the f2f meeting Kerry Taylor 2016-01-20
ACTION-133 (edit) closed to look at tools for ontology editing Armin Haller 2016-01-27
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Add to wiki ssn vs. o&m illustration Chris Little 2016-02-10
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Clarify use case requring differentiation between real world and representation identifers, during wendesday's workshop Frans Knibbe 2016-02-15
ACTION-137 (edit) closed "bring up time issues with dwg on next weeks telecon" Chris Little 2016-02-15
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Email public list with homework re dwbp call next week Jeremy Tandy 2016-02-15
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Reconsider o&m alignment (see o&mlite) - as alternative to dul Danh Le Phuoc 2016-02-16
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Clearly separate observation, sensor, and deployment parts of ssn Armin Haller 2016-02-16
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Respond to rob atkinson's comments Jeremy Tandy 2016-02-16
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Review the use cases from a coverages point of view Bill Roberts 2016-02-16
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Chase Maik to update the jsoncoverage document Jon Blower 2016-02-16
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Organise followup meeting on apis with data on the web Ed Parsons 2016-02-24
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Set up webex for the bp task force call Phil Archer 2016-03-09
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Look at data item linking cf sdw bp on this topic and see if more needs to be done Phil Archer 2016-03-09
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Put linda in touch with antoine and riccardo Phil Archer 2016-03-09
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Talk to ogc about the appropriate forum to report back Joshua Lieberman 2016-03-23
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Add thoughts about flood prediction to the narrative at Joshua Lieberman 2016-03-30
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Present some suggestions for renaming "subsetting" Kerry Taylor 2016-03-30
ACTION-153 (edit) closed to start drafting modularisation Armin Haller 2016-04-12
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Draft future work section Kerry Taylor 2016-04-12 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-155 (edit) closed kjanowicz to explain what was intended by Provide deeper OWL axiomatization Krzysztof Janowicz 2016-04-13 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Add sdw session to next ogc meeting Linda van den Brink 2016-04-20
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Draft a first blog post Joshua Lieberman 2016-04-20
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Share egu austria presentations of relevance to us Jon Blower 2016-04-20
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Pls advise on how CHANGES to previous version should be documented in deliverables Phil Archer 2016-04-25 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Set up a wiki page and coordinate the collection of ideas about validity of iso 19107 and iso 19111 in meeting the needs of sdw - including non-geographical standards like svg Frans Knibbe 2016-04-27
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Share links to work on smart cities that is relevant to our flooding scenario Payam Barnaghi 2016-04-27
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Break the narrative into discrete elements and create a wiki page of who is developing each part Jeremy Tandy 2016-04-27
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Ask clemens to provide an example for narrative item 2 Linda van den Brink 2016-05-10
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Work on narrative item 7 Joshua Lieberman 2016-05-10
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Prioritize data publication over adding usage examples and include list of potential usage examples from email Jeremy Tandy 2016-05-10
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Work on narrative example 3. Linda van den Brink 2016-05-10
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Crossref the narrative_2 with the dwbp Jeremy Tandy 2016-05-10
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Crossref the swbbp with the dwbp to make it a true extension and eliminate duplication Jeremy Tandy 2016-05-10
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Add caveat related to documentation replacement Danh Le Phuoc 2016-05-24
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Write a caveat around ssn doc section to go into ed draft to explain the doc will change in accordance with changes of the ontology but refelct ssn as it was Danh Le Phuoc 2016-05-24
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Fix "dition" class Danh Le Phuoc 2016-05-24
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Write a little more about modul,arisation re currnet state Armin Haller 2016-05-24
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Add examples to modularisation Armin Haller 2016-05-24 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Add sampling features in issue biox Kerry Taylor 2016-05-24
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Put issue box around sampling features Kerry Taylor 2016-05-24
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Reword issue 19 Frans Knibbe 2016-06-15
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Update ucr Frans Knibbe 2016-06-15
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Remove arrow from dul alignment to core on diagram Armin Haller 2016-07-05
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Request review by i18n on publication of time fpwd Phil Archer 2016-07-14
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Seek review of owl time from keio and beihang, especially wrt to alternative trss Phil Archer 2016-07-14
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Close issue-20 please Frans Knibbe 2016-07-19 ISSUE-20
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Rephrase issue-24 requirement to something like "develop lightweight profile of the ontology for iot" Frans Knibbe 2016-07-19
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Fix issue-24 by replacing requirment to "show how the ssn ontology can be applied in the context of lightweight iot needs" Frans Knibbe 2016-07-19 ISSUE-24
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Cochrane to collect references for more info about crs issues Byron Cochrane 2016-08-10
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Write something briefly about projection for bp introduction Chris Little 2016-08-10
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Draft a list of crs gotchas for bp intro in an email Jon Blower 2016-08-10
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Polish bp narrative including subheadings and descriptions of actors Joshua Lieberman 2016-08-10
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Review ucr doc from an ssn viewpoint -- is it complete and correct? Rob Atkinson 2016-08-30
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Add two new SSN requirements to the UCR doc Frans Knibbe 2016-09-01 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Nudge addition of spatio-temporal link relations to the bp doc Phil Archer 2016-09-07
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Help improve the bibliography for the bp doc Phil Archer 2016-09-26
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Act on resolution of issues 77 and 78 Frans Knibbe 2016-09-27 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Redefine ssn:observation and update alignment with dolce Kerry Taylor 2016-09-27
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Propose a property in ssn to link to wot td Kerry Taylor 2016-09-27
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Make an agenda item to analyze the difference between td between ssn Kerry Taylor 2016-09-27
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Plan to use wot plugfests to do ssn implementation Kerry Taylor 2016-09-27
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Determin determine sosa-core name going forward Kerry Taylor 2016-10-04
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Check whether we can include ontology alignments and fragments without proper implementation evidence in rec trac document but marked as non-normative Phil Archer 2016-10-12 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Check new bp subgroup time with australians ... Jeremy Tandy 2016-10-19
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Find out how to syntax highlight turtle and send it to the group Jeremy Tandy 2016-10-19
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Cochrane to ask ed and kerry as chairs to reach out to spatial, but not geospatial people to help us with the bp. Byron Cochrane 2016-10-19
ACTION-210 (edit) closed check stabilitiy and status of dolce ultralite (dul) Kerry Taylor 2016-10-20 alignment import pattern
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Coordinate adjustments to "old" ssn to bring to next pwd Kerry Taylor 2016-11-01
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Work in late nov/early dec on pwd for ssn Danh Le Phuoc 2016-11-01
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Arrange meetings for ssn editors on weeks when there is no ssn sub group meeting Armin Haller 2016-11-01
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Coordinate modelling of actuation in ssn Krzysztof Janowicz 2016-11-01
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Add to section 9 about which best practices are relevant for those coming from the sdi community Linda van den Brink 2016-11-16
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Talk to bart about getting more detailed content about his linked data / wfs approach for inclusion in bp 11 Linda van den Brink 2016-11-16
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Try specgen on ssn and dulce alignment for wd Kerry Taylor 2016-11-22 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Try specgen on sosa-core Armin Haller 2016-11-22
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Clean up comments in sosa-core Simon Cox 2016-11-22
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Review qb4st Chris Little 2016-11-23
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Find out if existential restriction on hassubsystem casuses poor reasoning performance Krzysztof Janowicz 2016-11-29 Subsystem
ACTION-227 (edit) closed References to SNN, Latitude/Longitude, QB4ST, OWL-Time, and GeoSPARQL should be updated to reflect the outputs of the working group. Dmitry Brizhinev 2016-12-31 EO-QB (rdf datacube for coverage)
ACTION-228 (edit) closed To put out a general call for existing implementations Raúl García Castro 2016-12-13
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Update bp4 examples and add a description on what is indexed and maybe link to some examples Clemens Portele 2017-01-20 best practices
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Provide an edit/update of bp4 by end of january 2017 Clemens Portele 2017-01-20 best practices
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Speak with @billroberts and update bp8 Jeremy Tandy 2016-12-22
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Update issue with jtandy 's text Armin Haller 2016-12-22
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Check references to dwbp are all correct, based on pr numbering Phil Archer 2016-12-23
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Create a paragraph for section 3 to highlight that privacy issues etc. are particularly important for crowd sourced data but it's not specifically spatial data and so we dopn't cover it in detail. Ed Parsons 2016-12-23
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Remove bp17 from the doc, retaining pertinent info about privacy crowdsourcing etc. see also action-239 Jeremy Tandy 2016-12-23
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Restructure the document to move the summary to the top and remove the template Linda van den Brink 2016-12-23
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Publish the sprint plan on the wiki Linda van den Brink 2016-12-23
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Add vocab for relative positioning to wish list Phil Archer 2016-12-23
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Further work on BP7 + BP14 based on discussion @face2face Jeremy Tandy 2017-01-06 best practices
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Put labels in those ssn terms without them e.f observedby Kerry Taylor 2017-01-11
ACTION-251 (edit) closed write up how an ssn:platform and a sosa:platform are essentially the same, with an example Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-01-18 sosa-core:Platform
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Chase up umanchester implementation of ssn Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-01-24
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Send e-mail with options for o&m alignment Simon Cox 2017-01-31
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Look at leap sesonds in owl-time as raised by internationalization group Chris Little 2017-02-01
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Ask sefki kolozali to make proposal around trss for the owl time ontology Chris Little 2017-02-01
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Review whether the issues can be closed Linda van den Brink 2017-02-08
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Ask byron about progress on action-241 Linda van den Brink 2017-02-08
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Update bp sprint plan accordingly Linda van den Brink 2017-02-08
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Send email to the wg to remind everyone to volunteer for the next sprint, otherwise it is in danger of being dropped from the bp document Linda van den Brink 2017-02-08
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Create a wiki page and discuss options around the use of results in ssn/sosa Danh Le Phuoc 2017-02-14
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Create to create options for the modelling of processes/procedures in sosa and ssn (create action item) Armin Haller 2017-02-14
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Create change list for alignment on platform class in a seperate wiki page Kerry Taylor 2017-02-14 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Talk to ogc, andrea etc. about liaison wrt data exchange wg Phil Archer 2017-02-22
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Include the changes for observableproperty in ssn, ssnx and sosa Maxime Lefrançois 2017-02-28
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Implement option 6 in ssn and sosa Maxime Lefrançois 2017-02-28
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Add this specific question in the wiki (question 10) Maxime Lefrançois 2017-02-28
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Implement changes based on the resolved proposals in sosa Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-02-28
ACTION-272 (edit) closed to incorporate section 8.2 into the editors draft, incorporating modification discussed today and update the wiki in regards to 8.2 - 8.4 to decide later on a way to include them, potentially in a note Simon Cox 2017-03-07
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Look into whether we can/should add licence statement to /ns docs and, if so, which one François Daoust 2017-03-07
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Check with colleague on a way to formalise licenceses in ontology Raúl García Castro 2017-03-07
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Implement the changes we decided on for the Platform calls and its properties in ssn and the dolce alignment Kerry Taylor 2017-03-07
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Portele to start a discussion thread on the mailing list about dropping bp13. Clemens Portele 2017-03-08 best practices
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Make updates to sosa in wd according to our resolutions in the last couple of weeks Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-03-14
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Make updates to ssn in wd according to our resolutions in the last couple of weeks Danh Le Phuoc 2017-03-14
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Implement hassimpleresult in sosa Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-03-14
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Add to f2f agenda discussions of this issue Jeremy Tandy 2017-03-15
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Will draft a note on forecasting to address issue-82 Maxime Lefrançois 2017-03-21
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Propose a solution(adding some properties) resolve issue-117 Raúl García Castro 2017-03-21
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Will address the issues relevant for temporal properties in both sosa/ssn Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-03-21
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Implement option 1: rename process to procedure as of Armin Haller 2017-03-21
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Implement proposal on wiki in sosa Simon Cox 2017-03-21
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Remove bp2 Jeremy Tandy 2017-03-22
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Merge outstanding pull requests, thursday 16th a.m. Linda van den Brink 2017-03-22
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Investigate what's required for privacy etc, for non-rec track docs Phil Archer 2017-03-22
ACTION-290 (edit) closed write up change to ssn as a result of platform -- issue-88 Kerry Taylor 2017-03-27 Platform
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Ask kadaster about use of void Linda van den Brink 2017-03-27
ACTION-295 (edit) closed And kjanowic to propose implementation options for option 2 on the wiki: Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-04
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Look into and propose a solution Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-11
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Implement changes that were made to sosa in the wd document Armin Haller 2017-04-04
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Send an email to the list to list classes/properties in ssn from the "integrated" directory that we have not discussed yet Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-04
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Include Sample relation text in WD and reference ontology that was proposed in Github (non-normative) Simon Cox 2017-04-05 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Include OBOE alignment as of https://‌‌2015/‌spatial/‌wiki/‌Alignment_to_OBOE in the WD as a non-normative section similar to the DULCE alignment Simon Cox 2017-04-05 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Implement the changes proposed in in ssn Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-11
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Propose options on sensing class for ssn new Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-11
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Checking definitions in sosa to make sure we do not reference terms in capital letters that are not terms in the ontology Armin Haller 2017-04-11
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Investigate the need of a complex resulttime property in ssn new Claus Stadler 2017-04-11
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Revisit the rdfs:comment on sosa:resulttime Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-11
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Implement the operating and survival range for actuators in ssn Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-11
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Implement changes on sensing, sensingdevice, device, system and their alignment to dulce Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-18
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Restructure the bp document according to option 5 Linda van den Brink 2017-04-19
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Write a short piece on locations and moving sensors, simoncox to double-check Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-19
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Ask if non-normative alignments can be added to the document after last call (e.g. prov-o alignment) Armin Haller 2017-04-19
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Look into wot device and potentially add an rdfs:comment or skos:example where appropriate (platform class?) Armin Haller 2017-04-19
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Send a blurb on swe to jano via email Simon Cox 2017-04-19
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Coordinate with simon to consider sample to be a subclass of featureofinterest Armin Haller 2017-04-19
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Write a blurb on how to use unit of measurements with our result class in a seperate html file to be committed to github Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-19
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Work on the dcterms:title and dcterms:description for sosa and ssn Armin Haller 2017-04-19
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Include version info in ssn and ssn old Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-19
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Check if all sub-issues in have been addressed Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-19
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Check consistency on the use of terms in the ontology to be used in the text section Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-19
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Update figures to make them consistent and add caption Simon Cox 2017-04-25 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Add note to the document to indicated that graphs will still be updated Armin Haller 2017-04-25
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Add ontology graphs using similar style as in ssnx work Raúl García Castro 2017-04-25
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Reorder terms in the spec section according to his email and the changes proposed in the meeting, i.e. observation, actuation, sampling, foi etc. in 10 hours from this call Maxime Lefrançois 2017-04-19
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Check upper case in titles to be consistent Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-19
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Rename boxes to "hide additional ssn axioms" and "show additional ssn axioms" Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-25
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Change colours to be more distinguishable and potentially remove the dotted line around the buttons and potentially the black lines around the boxes Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-04-25
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Include arrow from ssnx to dulce in figure 1 Armin Haller 2017-04-25
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Discuss with kerry if she wishes to remain on list of editors Armin Haller 2017-04-25
ACTION-332 (edit) closed Adjust editor list Armin Haller 2017-04-25
ACTION-333 (edit) closed OWL-Time ReSpec issues François Daoust 2017-04-28 ISSUE-185
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Start a wiki page that describes option on aligning new observation with dul, considering that it is an event, not a situation Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-05-02
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Remove axiom for ssn:observation to oldssn:observation Armin Haller 2017-05-02
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Update the wd with contributor list Armin Haller 2017-05-02
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Implement "the axioms documentation should directly align with the axioms in the ontology" Maxime Lefrançois 2017-05-02
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Include agenda item next week on properties/classes at risk Armin Haller 2017-05-02
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Update documentation to align documentation of ssn:hasproperty Armin Haller 2017-05-02
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Add agenda item on moving of ssn:hasproperty and ssn:ispropertyof for our next meeting Armin Haller 2017-05-02
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Make changes according to hasresultingsample in the wd and the ssn and sosa ontologies Simon Cox 2017-05-02
ACTION-342 (edit) closed Harmonise name for isactuatedby to madebyactuator Maxime Lefrançois 2017-05-02
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Review eo-qb changes suggested Rob Atkinson 2017-05-03 QB4ST
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Ensure colours on modularization image match normative/non-normative classification in document Armin Haller 2017-05-09 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Mark classes/properties as at risk in the ed Armin Haller 2017-05-09
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Invite original users of ssn via personal email to review the document Armin Haller 2017-05-09
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Send email to phil and francois to clarify the need for implementation evidence for superclasses and documentation classes Krzysztof Janowicz 2017-05-09
ACTION-349 (edit) closed Issues pull request to move ispropertyof hasproperty to sosa, and propose different names/labels Raúl García Castro 2017-05-09
ACTION-350 (edit) closed Aggregate his examples from an earlier pull request and introduce them in the beginning of each section with the observation/actuation/sampling figures Maxime Lefrançois 2017-05-09
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Collaborate with nicholas car from geoscience australia on the sosa implementation in their operational system Simon Cox 2017-05-09
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Talk to people in siemens to have an implementation in one of their plugfests Danh Le Phuoc 2017-05-09
ACTION-354 (edit) closed Sosa only figure Raúl García Castro 2017-05-16
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Make sosa and ssn examaples Maxime Lefrançois 2017-05-16
ACTION-357 (edit) closed : implement resolution "move conditions, capabilities, and ranges to a horizontal module and make them as normative. if no implementation evidence found, mark section as non-normative." Maxime Lefrançois 2017-05-16
ACTION-358 (edit) closed Talk to scott about future of coveragejson, perhaps in spec incubation wg; cf. jwoc etc. Jon Blower 2017-05-17 CovJSON
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Seek feedback from the group about section 3.6 after next series of edits Jon Blower 2017-05-17 CovJSON
ACTION-361 (edit) closed Address all the remaining issues about eo-qb in next pull request Sam Toyer 2017-05-17 EO-QB (rdf datacube for coverage)
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Fix hierarchy in pull request around measurement capabilities Maxime Lefrançois 2017-05-23
ACTION-364 (edit) closed Add text to explain role of sampling in ssn examples room/ice sheet Simon Cox 2017-06-06 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-365 (edit) closed Create simple sosa example with smartphone and sensors Armin Haller 2017-06-06
ACTION-366 (edit) closed Add examples from o&m converted to sosa/ssn Simon Cox 2017-06-06 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
ACTION-369 (edit) closed Change language for axioms to match best practice Armin Haller 2017-06-06
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Harmonise hash uris to slash uris for horizontal modules Maxime Lefrançois 2017-06-06
ACTION-371 (edit) closed Ask francois if we can relax axioms to accommodate punning Armin Haller 2017-06-13
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Remove ssn:ispropertyof a owl:functionalproperty Maxime Lefrançois 2017-06-20
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Little to ping oab about webvmt move from evaluation to investigation in the funnel Chris Little 2018-03-21
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Review im tools to supplement github discussions Linda van den Brink 2018-04-24

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