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ACTION-24 (edit) pending review Put some of these principles, nfrs etc into glossary Frans Knibbe 2015-05-13
ACTION-44 (edit) pending review Review in terms of requirements Frans Knibbe 2015-05-20
ACTION-126 (edit) pending review Comment on table content and format around action-98 Andrea Perego 2015-12-16 best practices
ACTION-135 (edit) pending review "to write meta requirement that the bp will provide guidance to spatial data publishing" Frans Knibbe 2016-02-15
ACTION-165 (edit) pending review Add a section about publishing metadata to item nr 4 Andrea Perego 2016-05-10 best practices
ACTION-188 (edit) pending review Share qb coverage description straw-man Rob Atkinson 2016-08-03
ACTION-194 (edit) pending review Draft something for consideration in bp re metadata Rob Atkinson 2016-08-10
ACTION-246 (edit) pending review Prepare a graphical representation of the alignment Laurent Lefort 2016-12-27 strategy to connect sosa to ssn
ACTION-249 (edit) pending review Further work on BP8 (geometry) Andrea Perego 2017-01-06 best practices
ACTION-344 (edit) pending review Talk to scott about ogc review - tc announce? Rob Atkinson 2017-05-03 QB4ST
ACTION-385 (edit) pending review Write a paragraph on this and put an issue in for temporal ontology Chris Little 2018-02-27

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