Tracker is an issue, action and resolution tracking tool for W3C Working Groups, with Web, IRC and email interfaces. The most important design goal was to be as simple as possible in order to let the Working Groups concentrate on what they do best: the creation of long and boring specifications!


Tracker's feature set is evolving over time, as we learn how people like to use it. You're encouraged to suggest new features, but due to the limited time I can spend on maintenance the more useful a feature is, the more likely it will be considered.

The main features are:

A more detailed list of features is available.


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Installing Tracker

To have tracker installed for your Working Group, please ask someone in the W3C Staff to do so via group services.

What if we hate it?

Then I'll cry and want to delete all your data. But before I do, you'll be able to extract it all in a simple XML format, allowing you to migrate to another tracking system.

Can I get the code?

Tracker's code hasn't been released at this stage, as it relies on the specific schemas of W3C internal databases.

If you're interested in helping us put Tracker's code in better shape for public release, please get in touch with Dominique Hazael-Massieux <>.