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Japanese Layout Task Force
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This group is now closed. A new Japanese Layout Task Force was created at the end of 2018. See the GitHub home page for that group.

Key information: Mission - News - Work in progress - Administravia - How to join

About the Japanese Layout Task Force

The Japanese Layout Task Force is coordinated by the W3C Internationalization Activity. The following working groups are participating in this task force:

Mission: To create a document about requirements for general Japanese layout realized with technologies like CSS, SVG and XSL-FO. The document will be mainly based on the standard for Japanese layout, JIS X 4051. However, it will also address areas which are not covered by JIS X 4051.

The task force will gather and integrate feedback from the participating working groups about the need and technical feasability of various requirements.

How to Join

To participate, join one of the participating Working Groups. Contact the I18n Activity Lead for more information.


The task force holds regular face-to-face meetings in Tokyo in Japanese.

In addition, the task force has held a number of longer face-to-face meetings in English in Tokyo and at W3C Technical Plenaries with representatives of the participating Working Groups.

Most work is conducted on the Japanese mailing list, though there is also an English counterpart.

For details and minutes see the (member-only) administrative page.

JLTF Documents

The following documents have been published as Working Group Notes. The same document is available in both English and Japanese.

The task force is currently working on extensions and errata for these documents.

A document provided by Jagat was used as an input to the taskforce work.


Work methodology

The output of the task force will be an English document (a Working Group Note) describing requirements for Japanese Layout. The description will not be on a technology-specific level. It is assumed that the participating working groups (see below) will decide independently how (and if) to implement the requirements in their specifications.

A unique feature of the task force is that the work of its Japanese participants is mostly conducted in their native language. Documents are then translated into English, comments from English speaking participants are gathered and brought back etc. This is a new way of W3C helping local communities to make their expertise available for a world-wide audience.

Chair: Tatsuo Kobayashi (i18n Core Working Group)
Staff contact: Richard Ishida (ishida at w3 dot org)
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