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Agenda for 25 Nov 2002 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.

1. Administrative (15min)

  1. Confirm Chair (SW) and Scribe (IJ)
  2. Roll call.
  3. Accept 11 Nov minutes
  4. Accept 18 Nov minutes
  5. Accept this agenda
  6. Next meeting: 2 Dec 2002?

1.1 Completed actions

1.2 Meeting planning

1.3 Other business?

2. Technical (75min)

2.1 Priority issues

  1. xlinkScope-23 (5 minutes)
    1. Action SW 2002/11/18: Organize a special-interest teleconf for discussion of this issue on linking.
  2. Status of URIEquivalence-15, IRIEverywhere-27. Relation to Character Model of the Web (chapter 4)? See text from TimBL on URI canonicalization and email from Martin in particular. See more comments from Martin.
    1. CL 2002/08/30: Ask Martin Duerst for suggestions for good practice regarding URI canonicalization issues, such as %7E v. &7e and suggested use of lower case. At 16 Sep meeting, CL reports pending; action to send URI to message to TAG.
    2. TB 2002/11/18: Write a finding for URIEquivalence-15 on IRI relation to URI, different levels of equivalence. Done by TBL?
  3. namespaceDocument-8
    1. Action TB 2002/11/18: Solicit proposals for what a namespace doc should look like for the particular case of a namespace document that refers to a DTD and a style sheet. TB will collate the responses. TB's solicitation should ask submitters for their own pros and cons. (Done)
    2. Action NW 2002/11/18: Take a stab at indicating pros and cons for the various designs.
  4. rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6
    1. The Schema WG is making progress; they will get back to us when they're done. See XML Schema thread on this topic.
  5. uriMediaType-9:
  6. Status of discussions with WSA WG about SOAP/WSDL/GET/Query strings?

2.2 Findings in progress, architecture document

See also: findings.

  1. Findings in progress:
    1. deepLinking-25
      1. TB 2002/09/09: Revise "Deep Linking" in light of 9 Sep minutes. Status of finding?
  2. 7 Nov 2002 Arch Doc
    1. Action CL 2002/09/25: Redraft section 3, incorporating CL's existing text and TB's structural proposal (see minutes of 25 Sep ftf meeting on formats).
    2. Action CL 2002/11/18: Incorporate resolutions above into a proposal for chapter 3. [Scribe presumes this supersedes previous action from 2002/09/25]
    3. Action DC 2002/11/04: Review "Meaning" to see if there's any part of self-describing Web for the arch doc.
    4. Action IJ 2002/11/18: Send notes to TAG with comments on 'Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols'. (Done; Larry Masinter responded to me).

Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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