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Agenda for 28 October 2002 TAG teleconference

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Note: The Chair does not expect the agenda to change after close of business (Boston time) Thursday of this week.

1. Administrative (30min)

  1. Confirm Chair (SW) and Scribe (IJ)
  2. Roll call. Regrets: PC?
  3. Accept 21 Oct minutes
  4. Accept this agenda
  5. Next meeting? Proposed 4 Nov

1.2 Completed actions?

1.3 Meeting planning

TAG presentation at AC meeting

TAG face-to-face meeting

2. Technical (60min)

2.1 New issues?

2.2 Findings in progress, architecture document

See also: findings.

  1. Findings in progress:
    1. deepLinking-25
      1. TB 2002/09/09: Revise "Deep Linking" in light of 9 Sep minutes. Status of finding?
  2. Findings versioning
    1. SW 2002/09/09: Discuss with IJ versioning of findings. Pending. SW and IJ have discussed latest accepted v. latest draft.
  3. Architecture document
    1. Finish discussion of feedback on arch document. Action IJ: Summarize remaining review comments (Done TAG-only)
    2. Action RF 2002/09/25: Propose a rewrite of a principle (rationale -> principle -> constraint) to see whether the TAG prefers this approach. It was suggested that the example be about HTTP/REST, as part of section 4.
    3. Action TBL 2002/09/25: Propose text on information hiding. (From 24-25 Sep TAG ftf: "The principle of information-hiding is contrary to global identifiers....Shall we put in the document something about information hiding/independent design of orthogonal specs? You should should not be able to write an xpath to peek into http headers....") [Done]
    4. Action CL 2002/09/25: Redraft section 3, incorporating CL's existing text and TB's structural proposal (see minutes of 25 Sep ftf meeting on formats).
    5. Action NW 2002/09/25: Write some text for a section on namespaces (docs at namespace URIs, use of RDDL-like thing).

2.3 Priority issues

  1. xlinkScope-23
    1. Action SW 2002/10/21: Starting from email from SW to TAG develop a summary of technical discussion and send to www-tag. Include more rationale for original TAG email to HTML WG.
    2. Coordination with XML CG? See Notes from XML CG call 10 Oct 2002 (Member-only)
  2. namespaceDocument-8
    1. Action TB 2002/09/24: Revise the RDDL document to use RDF rather than XLink. Goal of publication as W3C Note.
    2. Action NW 2002/09/25: Write some text for an Arch Doc section on namespaces (docs at namespace URIs, use of RDDL-like thing).
  3. contentPresentation-26
    1. Action CL 2002/09/24: Draft text on the principle of separation of content and presentation for the Arch Doc.
  4. rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6
    1. The Schema WG is making progress; they will get back to us when they're done. See XML Schema thread on this topic.
  5. uriMediaType-9:
  6. Status of URIEquivalence-15. Relation to Character Model of the Web (chapter 4)? See text from TimBL on URI canonicalization and email from Martin in particular. See more comments from Martin.
    1. CL 2002/08/30: Ask Martin Duerst for suggestions for good practice regarding URI canonicalization issues, such as %7E v. &7e and suggested use of lower case. At 16 Sep meeting, CL reports pending; action to send URI to message to TAG.
  7. Status of discussions with WSA WG about SOAP/WSDL/GET/Query strings?

Ian Jacobs, for TimBL
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