Notes on TAG June 2010 F2F Agenda

This draft: 31 May 2010

This version is a rough initial cut intended for discussion by the TAG on its teleconference of 20 May 2010. TAG members are encouraged to review the following in advance of the call, to provide suggestions in email and/or to be ready with proposals for suggested changes during the telcon.

Main themes

The proposed main themes for the F2F are:

Likely major sections

Proposed Action Item Prioritization

The following subsections attempt to group action items that are open or pending review into the following classifications, in order by priority:

  1. Actions that the chair believes might contribute to publication(s) on the architecture of Web applications are given top priority
  2. Of the remaining actions, the chair has selected some that appear to definitely require discussion, and those are listed next.
  3. The remaining two groups cover actions that will be discussed on a time-available basis, and those that the chair proposes not to discuss.

Notes: these actions were current as of the evening of 18 May, and their status will likely change before the F2F. Also, some actions are included, for now, even if completion is not promised ahead of the F2F; this is just so we can review and reconfirm that the post-F2F dates are appropriate.

Top priority actions at F2F: Writing on Architeture of Web Applications

This section gathers actions that are, or may be, contributing to new writings on the architecture of Web applications.

Top priority actions at F2F: HTML / XML Unification

This section gathers actions that are, or may be, contributing to TAG work on maximizing interoperability between HTML and XML.

Actions that will be scheduled for discussion

Optional: these actions will be scheduled if there is time and interest

Actions that will not be scheduled for F2F discussion