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This page provides a wiki summary of some of the 2021 TPAC Breakout week (October 18-22) sessions ordered by time

See also the static page proceedings of the actual breakouts for a complete list of breakout sessions, and feel free to add content from there into this wiki page, in the same order.



What is the


This session will go over the cross-browser and standards initiative that is focused on gathering developer feedback on missing capabilities in the web platform. We currently have 150 submissions that have been vetted as legitimate developer wants and would like to discuss how to make this information more valuable and actionable for the web community.


Environmental Concerns and Sustainability (s12y) of Web Technologies


This summer’s IPCC report made it clear that we need systemic changes in order to slow or avert climate crisis. The W3C Ethical Web Principles have Sustainability (s12y) as a principle. What are the systemic environmental & sustainability impacts of existing (e.g. ad-trackers) and proposed (e.g. Proof of Work blockchains) web standards technologies? How often are "what aboutism" examples (e.g. video, CSS) or Nirvana fallacy comparisons used to rationalize additional energy use? How do we both "do no (more) harm", i.e. stop adding to and also work on reducing the web’s energy usage and thus carbon footprint?



What is the value of and are the values of W3C


This is a follow-up from last year's TPAC2020 W3C Focus and Values session (minutes, event), which itself was a follow-up from the TPAC 2019 What is the Future of W3C session (wiki, minutes). W3C is currently both a community formed around shared values and formal structure of a consortium of four entities, each of which has a representative on the governing Steering Committee (SC) along with a CEO and the Director, with authority delegated to a team employed by those four entities. What happens when community shared values are in conflict with the power structures at W3C? What value do different members get out of W3C?

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