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Virginia Linked Data Community Gathering during ISWC2009

Date, Time, Venue

What: Beer/wine, food, lightning talks. The latest in the ongoing tradition of Linked Data gatherings. All welcome, but please add your name to the list below by 5pm Monday 26th so we can confirm numbers to the restaurant. Sponsored by Semantic Universe

Where: Bungalow Bar directions Please meet at the hotel lobby after the Poster session so we can organize rides.

When: October 27th 2009, after the Poster session at ISWC2009 9:30pm

Other info: Appetizers (veggie options include) have been pre-ordered and are sponsored by Semantic Universe.


  1. JuanSequeda
  2. OlafHartig
  3. ChrisBizer
  4. TomHeath
  5. DanielSchwabe
  6. EricFreese
  7. Matthias Quasthoff
  8. HughGlaser
  9. IanMillard
  10. AftabIqbal
  11. JunZhao
  12. MarianoConsens
  13. RaphaelTroncy
  14. ChristopheGueret
  15. RichardCyganiak
  16. Frank van Harmelen
  17. BernhardSchandl
  18. JoelSachs
  19. SimonSchenk
  20. Patrick Sinclair
  21. FrancoisScharffe
  22. PaulGearon
  23. Philipp Kärger

If you want to join, please put your name in the list.

Lightning Talks

Not able to come but would love to