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Telcon info

New telcon time! (depending on your location!)


Discussion topics:

  • April telecon
  • Review/approve past telcon minutes:
  • f2f discussion - determine whether or not, and what dates/location possible April/May/June dates
  • Request: Can we do LDN first as csarven has to leave at half past the hour?
    • Is this still true despite the time being an hour earlier UTC (and thus EU time)?
  • LDN CR to PR - Amy, Sarven
    • Full test suite coverage
    • 2+ implemenations for every feature: - 12 receiver implementations (10 by non-editors), 5 consumer implementations (3 by non-editors) and 6 sender implementations (4 by non-editors)
    • No open issues
    • Editorial changes to acknowledgements only
    • PROPOSAL: publish updated CR with editorial changes
    • PROPOSAL: request transition to PR
  • (5 min tops?) Micropub update re: test suite (in)completeness, updated implementation reports? aaronpk
    • MicroPub PR status - Amy/Sandro
  • (5 min tops?) AS2 PR draft ETA update - Evan
    • AS2 PR status - Amy/Sandro
  • FYI: For CR to PR items below, ask these questions:
    • test suite and implementation coverage ETA? (2+ publishers/consumers, clients/servers)
    • any new issues needing group discussion or changes?
    • editorial or normative changes?
    • publish updated CRs?
  • WebSub WD to CR (or straight to PR?) - Aaron, Julien (postponed due to lack of time)
  • ActivityPub CR to PR - Chris
  • Any other Socialwg/DocumentStatus (none)
  • "W3C Social Business Community Group" ? -Tantek
    • Got a spam from it (public-socbizcg) claiming to be from W3C Community Development Team <>.
    • Did we forget to close this one and direct people to the the new W3C Social Web Community Group?
    • Who are its owners, and if they are not here, can we action W3C SWCG chairs to contact them to encourage them to move to unified W3C SWCG and close the old inactive CG?
  • ... add new items one by one immediately before this one, and leave this here.
  • AOB
  • trackbot, end meeting

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