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Telcon info

New telcon time! (pending no objections)


Discussion topics:

  • Reconfirm March telcon date/time
  • Review/approve past telcon minutes:
  • FYI: For CR to PR items below, ask these questions:
    • test suite and implementation coverage ETA? (2+ publishers/consumers, clients/servers)
    • any new issues needing group discussion or changes?
    • editorial or normative changes?
    • publish updated CRs?
  • Micropub CR to PR - Aaron
  • Post Type Discovery new WD request (resolves GH 13, 16, 18) - Tantek
  • ActivityPub CR to PR - Chris
  • AS2 CR to PR - Evan
    • Settle by approving one of these two proposals - Sandro
      • PROPOSAL-1: In considering the CR Exit Criteria for AS2, to meet the threshhold of two implementations per feature, we need two systems which PRODUCE the feature AND two systems which CONSUME the data (which might only be two systems, total, if they each do both)
      • PROPOSAL-2: In considering the CR Exit Criteria for AS2, to meet the threshhold of sufficient implementations, we need a total of two systems, where a system which only produces data using the feature (without consuming it) still counts as an implementation
  • WebSub WD to CR (or straight to PR?) - Aaron, Julien
  • LDN CR to PR - Amy, Sarven
  • Any other Socialwg/DocumentStatus
  • f2f discussion - determine whether or not, and what dates/location possible April dates
  • ... add new items one by one immediately before this one, and leave this here.
  • AOB
  • trackbot, end meeting

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