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Per charter extension expectations of one telcon a month, this is the 2017-01 telcon.

Telcon info

New telcon time! (pending no objections)


Discussion topics:

  • Confirm new telcon time for 2017
  • Plan February telcon
  • Webmention REC status (sandro)
  • Getting remaining CR specs to PR (test suite and implementation coverage ETA, any new issues needing changes? editorial or normative?)
    • ActivityPub / AS2 - Chris, Evan
    • LDN - Amy, Sarven
    • Micropub - Aaron
    • WebSub - Aaron, Julien
  • Any other Socialwg/DocumentStatus
  • f2f discussion - would it be useful for a CR to PR push? possible March/April dates
  • AOB (was none)

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