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Social Web Working Group Teleconference

10 Jan 2017

See also: IRC log


tantek, aaronpk, rhiaro, cwebber


New telecon time

tantek: We seem to have a 50% success rate compared to previous telecons
... which is not great

rhiaro: maybe we didn't announce it well enough..

tantek: I think this time is better personally

aaronpk: me too

tantek: clearly midnight is better than 2am for rhiaro

<cwebber> it's fine :)

tantek: let's at least confirm for those of us who are here that we like this time
... could you double check with sarven why he's not here?
... aaronpk, can you reach out to julien?
... I'll reach out to evan
... presumably if this is a notification problem rather than a time problem we'll stick with the current time and see what we find out
... That being said, let's look at the february dates and figure out a good date for that one

<tantek> options: 7 14 21 28

rhiaro: 28th I can't

tantek: possibly not 7th

aaronpk: all fine for me

tantek: on 21st I'm in Germany
... 21st is possible, but I worry about travelling
... slight preference for not 21st, but I could make it if necessary

<rhiaro> 14th is a month from now, so..

<cwebber> what are we talking about?

<cwebber> a f2f?

<cwebber> telecon, oh ok

<cwebber> any date but the 7th

tantek: we're picking a date pending confirmation of time from others
... I'm totally okay with 14th

<rhiaro> Fine by me

<tantek> Proposed: February telcon on 2017-02-14


<cwebber> +1

<aaronpk> +1

RESOLUTION: February telcon on 2017-02-14

Webmention rec status

rhiaro: webmention rec delayed til thursday

tantek: congratulations, good to get our first rec out

getting CRs to PR

AS2 and AP

tantek: cwebber, how are they going in your opinion?
... Test coverage and implementations

cwebber: I don't have a lot to report, but I will by next month. I was laying down infrastructure
... I expect to have a lot to show by next month's meeting

tantek: awesome. one thing we're trying to do with this charter extension is trying to see how much we can get done with just telecons
... we haven't scheduled any f2f meetings. Doesn't mean we can't
... If we feel like that would help get us over the hump with transitioning, I think that would be a good justification for scheduling a f2f
... Checking out and trying out implementations works well in person
... As you're getting these specs through CR to PR, consider whether it would be helpful for you to have a f2f to show that the tests and implementations interoperate, and resolve any outstanding issues

<cwebber> bali sounds like quite the hop...


rhiaro: Tests are almost done, receiver is complete
... lots of upcoming implementations
... and quite a few alreayd listed



aaronpk: I can't remember the last time we looked at these
... seven complete implementations
... two that look like people tried to submit but didnt' get very far
... In terms of issues there's just some editorial
... and one from tantek about mentioning prior art, same we did with webmention/websub

tantek: test suite?

aaronpk: it's complete for servers and there's no actual tests on clients yet

tantek: plan for testing clients?

aaronpk: documented in issue on the test suite repo

<tantek> issue link?

aaronpk: this will be part of my publishing something related to socialwg stuff every day


tantek: estimate for how long that might take?

aaronpk: like two months because I'md oign websub tests as well

all drafts

tantek: have any issues been coming in since CR that we need to process?
... or all things you can handle as editor?

<cwebber> I think I can handle what's come in

rhiaro: only editorial changes on LDN

cwebber: I havne't been paying attention to AS2, but for AP they're all things I can handle

tantek: so far non-normative?

cwebber: right

tantek: If we do have updated CR with editorial changes I think we can do that
... without extending CR

rhiaro: yeah we can if it doens't affect implementations

tantek: or if we have to restart the 4 weeks they need more time for tests anyway so it won't slow them down
... we can cross that line at the next telecon
... so go ahead and resolve your issues and edit in EDs
... and obviously if you have any questions, feel free to raise it for discussion
... It's probably worht publishing updated CR with the edits, good rhythm and shows we're being responsive
... any normative issues on micropub?

aaronpk: nope


tantek: how is test suite and implementations?

aaronpk: No submissions yet
... people have been using the test suite cos I"ve had issues reported on it
... no new updates on functionality yet though
... In terms of issues on the spec, we're waiting for commenter on a couple of them
... an outstanding one from last f2f that I'm working on right now
... a new one from last week, that's a question
... and one assigned to julien, havne't heard from him for a while
... nothing to discuss here

tantek: non-normative or?

aaronpk: i think we don't know yet for some

tantek: is there a chance you can collaborate with julien to determine whether these issues have normative impact or not?
... and if they do, propose edits accordingly by the 14th?

aaronpk: yeah definitely

tantek: we could resovle to publish a new CR at the new telecon including those edits if there are no objections
... and if we get new issues from implementors for any specs, propose normative edits and propose them we can accept them and publish them as updated CR
... aaronpk, add an entry for websub into document status page
... I'm not seeing it

aaronpk: oh, okya

<tantek> reviewing

tantek: reviewing schedule we made as part of our charter extension proposal
... Sounds like we're pushing out PRs at least a month from what was planned
... WHich is okay, just want to ack
... Except AP, we had definitely planned for that to be later
... For each one of these we should be trying to... sounds like we won't be ready for PR in February
... except possibly LDN
... But we can't predict that we can enter PR for any of these, but let's a tleast get updated CRs published and aim to enter PR in March
... and if LDN comes in ahead of schedule that's great let's do that sooner
... but not let specs hold each other back

<cwebber> sounds right

tantek: except moving AS2 and AP together
... Sound right?
... So if we're trying to go to PR in march, that might be a tiem we'd consider having a f2f
... We need to annoucne a f2f some weeks in advance

rhiaro: I think it's 8 weeks

tantek: so either march or april, if we decide that would be useful

<cwebber> note that I'll be in boston for libreplanet again :)

tantek: how do people feel about that?
... time/resource availability?

<rhiaro> in April I'll be in Australia

cwebber: libreplanet is march 25-26 at MIT


tantek: so one possiblity would be a f2f right before or right after

cwebber: good for me

tantek: we know we can get space at MIT
... timing with libreplanet is good
... anyone else have any paritcular feelings about locatino or time? (not that we have to have one..)
... but if we start thinking about it now it's more likely to work out

<ben_thatmustbeme> obviously, MIT always works well for me

aaronpk: west coast works better for me, but I can probably make MIT work

<ben_thatmustbeme> are we able to have one since we said we would not be having one in our extension?

rhiaro: I couldn't make it to MIT but could do remote the week before libreplanet but not after

tantek: we said we didn't plan to ahve one, but could resolve to

<ben_thatmustbeme> ahh okay

<tantek> ben_thatmustbeme: we discussed (see above in IRC) that we could choose to have one optionally, especially if we thought it would help with the push from CR to PR for our specs

tantek: the week of March 20-24 is a possible time range for a f2f at MIT
... If we decide in time that that would help
... anything going on in april that anyone would be conveniently travelling near to?
... I have a CSS WG f2f in tokyo april 19-21
... so I could make it to australia before or after that... but I'm gonna guess that's nto the limiting factor for australia
... aaronpk and cwebber: any chance you could make it?

aaronpk & cwebber: pretty slim

scribe: budgetory issue

tantek: doesn't look like we'llg et to australia

cwebber: west coast is probably feasible, just another flight added to the mix
... I'd have to look at budget

tantek: we also have julien on the east coast
... evan tends to pop back and forth, so I presume he could make either
... depending on dates
... I could host in Mozilla if we did it west coast
... and we did last f2f at east coast
... any date ranges better or worse for people?
... okay if we don't know, can discuss in february

aaronpk: I have to go but will catch up on irc later

tantek: I think this is th elast topic


tantek: thanks everyone. Next telecon set, feb 14th

8am pacific, 11 eastern, 16 utc


tantek: good luck everyone