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socialwg telcon 2014-08-12



  • Chair: Tantek
  • Scribe: (scribe needed!)
  • Regrets: Shane Hudson

Rough order:

  1. old business
  2. new business
  3. open questions on wg topics

review past action items

  • Automatic public 24/7 #social IRC logs
    • Proposal made 2014-08-05 by aaronpk to provide public 24/7 #social IRC logs using IRC bot Loqi. No objections. Alternative bots proposed, but no alternatives proposed/offered for setting up public 24/7 #social IRC logs.
    • Question: when will we have automatic public 24/7 #social IRC logs?
    • Question: where can we expect them to be? (URL)

review past open questions

  • Who contributed to Activity Streams 2.0 but is not a W3C member? - jasnell to research and provide answer
    • only one individual, jasnell is now researching and has ACTION to follow-up with harryh to get form for non-W3C-member contribution.

new items this week

add yourself to wiki IRC people page

regular telcon time preference

when to start regular telcons

  • When to start official telcons? proposals?.
    • Week of 2014-08-24

new invited experts

  • a few in the process of filling out forms, no one new to process yet

open questions on

next week telecon

  • telcons will continue as long as there are open actions
  • chair for next week: Evan
  • scribe for next week: no volunteers
  • RRSAgent, publish minutes
  • RRSAgent, make logs public


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