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socialwg telcon 2014-08-05



  • Chair: Tantek
  • Scribe: Henry Story

Rough order:

  1. old business
  2. new business
  3. open questions on wg topics

review past action items

  • TPAC2014 WG f2f scheduling - harryh
  • Automatic public 24/7 #social IRC logs - harryh
    • Question: when will we have automatic public 24/7 #social IRC logs?
      • A: W3C has no ETA for that.
      • Question: until then can we have manual public 24/7 #social IRC logs?
      • A: Proposal made by aaronpk to provide public 24/7 #social IRC logs using IRC bot Loqi. No objections. Alternative bots proposed, but no alternatives proposed/offered for setting up public 24/7 #social IRC logs.
    • Question: where can we expect them to be? (URL)
      • No answer as of time of telcon.

review past open questions

  • Who signed Activity Streams 2.0 OWFa FSA? - jasnell to provide URLs to signatures
  • Can we extend future telcon reservations with Zakim to be 5 min past end of slot? - harryh

welcome new invited experts

Invited Experts (through WG period)

  • Aaron Parecki - vouched for by Tantek
  • Barnaby Walters - vouched for by Tantek
  • Ben Werdmüller - vouched for by Tantek
  • Jaako Korhonen - vouched for by Harry (works with W3C on a contract on related project)
  • Matt Lee - vouched for by Harry
  • Shane Hudson - vouched for by Tantek
  • Tom Morris - vouched for by Tantek
  • Markus Sabadello - vouched for by Harry
  • Andreas Kuckartz - vouched for by Harry

Temporary invited experts are members for 6 months, through 2015-02-05.

  • Antonio Tapiador - vouched for by Harry
  • John Atherton - vouched for by Harry
  • James Tauber - vouched for by Tantek, Harry
  • Kat Manelstein - vouched for by Harry
  • Owen Shepherd - vouched for by Harry

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