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This is the wiki page for SIOC (Semantically Interlinked Online Communities) - an ontology for describing data from online community sites. This includes but is not limited to: blogs, bulletin boards, mailing lists and newsgroups.

In this wiki we keep information about SIOC and its applications. We also use it to discuss work in progress and the future of SIOC. You can also find guidelines on how to use SIOC and some general information and thoughts about the semantic web.

The main SIOC project page serves as a repository for more permanent information and latest news - also look there for the official documents that provide a good introduction to SIOC.

The following sections will serve as a starting point to explore the most important pages on the wiki.

(These pages were previously hosted here, then moved to, but moved back here again to guarantee their shelf life!)


  • What is SIOC?
  • Applications using or generating SIOC data.
  • Sites exporting live SIOC data.
  • Data - Download SIOC (and FOAF) data we collected from online communities.
  • Related Ontologies - terms and properties from other RDF vocabularies/ontologies that are related to or overlap with SIOC terms.

How to use SIOC

Discussions, Future