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URIs to use for various SIOC concepts

For information resources

With content negotiation

Content negotiate the post and its RDF description at the same URI

URI for a sioc:Post

Which serves either or

Without content negotiation

Use HTML version as URI and include autodiscovery link to its RDF description

URI for a sioc:Post

Which contains an autodiscovery link to

URIs for non-information-resources

Use URI of the RDF document and append #something

URI for a foaf:Person

Have the html page contain an autodiscovery link to and describe there.

E. g. Include the following triples in the john.rdf page:

<> foaf:primaryTopic <>.
<> rdfs:seeAlso <> .

Border cases

Discussion whether some resources are information resources.

Is a sioc:User the same as its account profile page? Is it a foaf:Document or a foaf:Agent?


Blogs and forums list their content broken down in several smaller pages. Their RDF pages should mirror that.

Use rdfs:seeAlso links to point to the next and previous RDF document page.

Discussion whether a new paging term like sioc:nextPage (subclass of rdfs:seeAlso) might be useful for some tools.