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About QA-dev

Qa-dev is a software development effort started by the W3C QA Activity to maintain a number of Quality-focused software and services.

Getting Involved

Helping the QA-dev effort can be done in many ways. Feedback (bug reports, ideas) on existing tools, dowloading the code (all our tools are open source) and sending patches, etc. A "Participate" section is available on the W3C QA site.

In addition to help on existing projects, a number of potential SoftwareProjects are also up for grabs.

If you just wish to have a casual chat with members of the qa-dev group, several of us are often on IRC (#validator on

See Also

See also QaTools, MarkupValidator, CssValidator.


We are re-starting regular meetings, tentatively set at 15:30 UTC on mondays. Targeting a very short meeting, with review of AIs.


Next meeting date 2006-05-22



  • Usual qa-dev contributors
  • guests for specific projects
  • others welcome too

Past Meetings

List of past meeting notes (all links point to the public-qa-dev archive):

Full list of past minutes is at QaDev/MeetingMinutes

Action Items

List of open AIs and resolutions pending completion.

  • ACTION: terje (and all others) to go read and comment on qa-dev list
  • ACTION scop to do more research on SELinux targeted policies for the markup validator packages
  • ACTION: Olivier to do `perldoc Test::More` (and `Test::Tutorial`?) and engage wetware neural net to the problem of generating that from his test collection
  • ACTION: Terje to summarize how-to-work-with-w3c-wgs discussion in the wiki
  • ACTION: Terje to follow up on preparse_doctype and other (custom) DTD questions
  • ACTION: Ville to decide on a new, more permanent name for "ack", and publicize it when it's ready for some public scrutiny
  • ACTION: Terje to check with our packagers what releases of Debian and SUSE are current targets (and hence define what external depends we can easily satisfy) and document in StyleGuide

Done since last meeting.

Up for the taking

  • re-create the outline feature in markup val 0.8-dev
  • create a way to add error message explanations (CssValidator)
  • modify ErrorDocument 500 (malformed multipart)
    • should document alternate feedback channels
    • should it be a cgi reporting referer, query, browser, date etc?

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