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If you interact with W3C and you would like to notify people of the Time Zones and/or area you are working in (for example, to know when they're likely to be available by InternetRelayChat). Please use this page.

A photo might help people recognize you if you're in the same place (e.g. at the November 2007 HTML WG meeting).

Do not forget that this is information is public. Do not put information about you, that you do not want to be disclosed. Please keep the list in time zone order.

The current time is [1]

List of Persons (availability)

UTC-8 (UTC-7 summer)

  • David Baron - Mountain View CA, USA
  • Robert Brodrecht - Los Angeles CA, USA
  • Andrew Fedoniouk - Vancouver BC, Canada
  • BradFults - San Diego CA, USA
  • IanHickson - Mountain View CA, USA
  • Arthur Jennings - Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Ryan King - San Francisco CA, USA
  • ShawnMedero - Seattle WA, USA shawn_medero-and-kidlet-100x100.jpg
  • EdwardOConnor - San Diego CA, USA
  • MatthewRatzloff - Seattle WA, USA
  • Tyler Roehmholdt - Seattle WA, USA (09:00-17:00)
  • Jonas Sicking - Mountain View CA, USA
  • Monika Trebo - Palo Alto CA, USA
  • Chris Wilson - Seattle WA, USA

UTC-6 (UTC-5 summer)

UTC-6 (no DST)

UTC-5 (UTC-4 summer)

UTC+0 (no DST)

UTC+0 (UTC+1 summer)

UTC+1 (UTC+2 summer)

UTC+2 (UTC+3 summer)

UTC+9 (no DST)

UTC+10 (UTC+11 summer, southern hemisphere)

  • Cameron McCormack - Melbourne, Australia
  • Marcos Caceres - Brisbane, Australia
  • BenBoyle - Brisbane, Australia