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ARIA Best Practices

Note: The PFWG is a Member-confidential Working Group, but this is a public Wiki space. Please do not contribute any content to this wiki that has a dependency on non-public resources.

The table of contents below organizes the topics for which we would like to provide "best practices" style information about ARIA. Where available, notes about content are provided beneath each topic. To complete a section, follow the link. If the page does not yet have content, choose the option to "create new empty page". Refer to HelpOnEditing for information on formatting content. Note you must create an account and log in to edit.

  1. Frontmatter
  2. Introduction
  3. Keyboard and Structural Navigation
    1. General Navigation and Issues
    2. Keyboard Focus
    3. Tooltips Support with the Keyboard
    4. Logical Layout Semantics
  4. Relationships
    1. Labeling and describing
    2. Ownership and Controllers
    3. Changing the reading flow
  5. Document Management
    1. Content and Presentational Changes
    2. Live Regions
    3. Choosing between Alert/Status/liveRegion/Log and popcorn
  6. ARIA Form Properties
  7. Drag and Drop
  8. Using Alerts and Dialogs
  9. ARIA examples
    1. Widgets
  10. Structures
  11. Reusable Component Libraries
  12. Testing
  13. Appendix
    1. Accessibility API Mapping Table
    2. References to examples and test files
    3. To do list: Issues that need clarification
    4. User Agent Implementation Considerations
    5. ARIA to API Mappings
      1. MSAA
      2. IAccessible2
      3. ATK