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Best Practices for ARIA Widgets

Proposed W3C Note


  • Al Gilman
  • Becky Gibson
  • Ben Maurer
  • Chris Blouch
  • David Poehlman
  • Earl Johnson
  • Ed Kunzinger
  • Don Evans
  • Georgios Grigoriadis
  • Gregory J. Rosmaita
  • Joshue O'Connor
  • Jon Gunderson
  • Lisa Pappas
  • Mike Paciello
  • Richard Schwerdtfeger
  • Steve Faulkner
  • T.V. Raman
  • Tom Wlodkowski
  • Victor Tsaran

Status of This Document

This wiki is the discussion space for an intended W3C NOTE. This indicates no endorsement of its content by W3C, nor that the Consortium has, is, or will be allocating any resources to the issues addressed by the NOTE.

The proposed note is to be proferred in the hope that it may provide best practice methods of ARIA user interaction, with particular emphasis on keyboard interaction. See Aria Overview.

Comments should be incorporated into the wiki.