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To Do list

This page holds information about issues that we've determined need clarification, but a home for the clarification has not yet been determined.

  • Menus can contain menubars, and menubars can contain menus. Explain how this works, and which one would one use as the outermost container? Also relationship of toolbars to menubars.
  • If instances of a role must appear as children or descendants of instances of another role (e.g., listitems must be in a list), descendants of that role inherit the same rules. The rules must be carefully constructed, and it is not the case that the container restrictions are mutual. E.g., a role may be required to have certain descendants, but those descendants can appear in multiple types of parents. Or a role may be required to appear in a particular parent, but that parent is not restricted to have only that role as a descendant.
  • Cover the association of tabs and tabpanels by labelledby and controls, and check against what the Style Guide group is assuming is the behavior.
  • Explain trees very thoroughly, including general case, and the special case of "sliced trees" in which level and setsize must be used.
  • Describe various sorting algorithms, related to the sort property. Combination of ARIA properties and existing components.