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These wiki pages are purposely made visible to all, whether or not one is a W3C Member. We welcome ideas from anyone on how to overcome the issues of participation that are described here. Many readers have probably encountered these same problems in their work, other organizations, or in daily life. Can we learn from your experience elsewhere?

The W3C gets its funding from membership fees. Members get special visibility to proceedings and other benefits.

We realize that some people, who are not able to be members, would still like to participate. For this reason, the W3C has instituted a few mechanisms to be as inclusive as possible, yet without breaking the membership model (such as, Community and Business Groups, Regional Offices, Invited Experts, publicly-visible mailing lists (need link...), Web Platform Docs, this wiki (click "Main Page" in menu at left), ...)

Are there other barriers for non-members to contribute, that have not been addressed? Short of ending the membership structure of the W3C, what more could we do?


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