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This is the home page for the wiki for the Model-Based User Interfaces Working Group.

Face to Face meetings


The weekly teleconference takes place every Friday at 12:00 CET using the W3C Zakim teleconference bridge.

The phone number is: +1.617.761.6200 and the conference meeting code is 6284 ("MBUI")

You should also be able to use SIP, see

Please remember to send your regrets to the mailing list in advance if you are unable to attend a teleconference. When you join the call, please indicate your presence as explained below.

We plan to keep the minutes of calls on the wiki.

For a back channel, we use the W3C IRC server:

  • IRC server port 6665 meeting channel #mbui

If you don't have an IRC client program on your computer, point your web browser to or use a regular IRC client. The Zakim IRC Bot provides a rich range of commands.

When you join the channel for a telecon please indicate your presence by typing the following command, substituting your name for "Caroline":

 Present+  Caroline

If there are several of you on the same speaker phone give all of your names with a comma separated list. This will help with the minute taking as otherwise it is very hard to get an accurate list of participants.

If you have registered your phone with your W3C account, zakim should recognize you when you call in. Otherwise it shows a connection id like: ??P6. You can rename this as follows:

 zakim, ??P6 is Caroline

You can then mute and unmute yourself as follows:

 zakim, mute Caroline
 zakim, unmute Caroline

Zakim also allows you to queue yourself to ask a question, e.g.

 zakim, q+ to ask about the glossary

You can see who is on the queue with

 zakim, q?

And acknowledge someone with

 zakim, ack Caroline

which also unmutes that line.

Getting Involved

If you work for a W3C Member organization, please contact your Advisory Committee Representative.

If you are an independent consultant, or are an academic affiliated with an institution of higher learning, you may be able to join as an Invited Expert. Please see the instructions for details.

Note: anyone making a substantive contribution to W3C specifications will be required to commit to the requirements of the W3C Patent Policy.

Updating the Wiki

If you already have a W3C Account, you will be able to edit this wiki. To get a W3C account, fill out the account request form.

In case of further questions, please contact:

  • Dave Raggett <>