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The Web and Mobile Interest Group co-chairs would like to welcome all new participants to the group! We send a welcome email to all new participants with some helpful information. On this page we have detailed the same information included in the welcome email.

Charter and Meetings

New participants should review the group charter [1], and visit the group's page [2] which includes details of our meetings and upcoming teleconferences [3].

Mailing List and Twitter

New participants should have been instantly signed up to the public mailing list and can access the archives [4] to view past emails. If you have any questions and need to reach one of the chairs the mailing list is the best method to go about this. The group also runs a twitter account @w3c_webmob [5] so if you're a twitter user please follow and tweet any useful news for the group.

Mailing List Address:


We conduct and manage our work via a github repository [6] which allows us to keep a track of what is going on and work collaboratively. If you are new to github please take a look at the github help pages [7] or ask one of the chairs.


Like many other W3C groups we run an IRC channel "#webmob" on the [8] server. If you are new to IRC or want to find out some handy hints then please check out the W3C IRC pages [9]; here you will find some links to some great native IRC clients but you are also welcome to use the web client [10] if a dedicated IRC client doesn't work. One of the chairs should be idling in the channel at most times.


New participants are encouraged to introduce themselves to the group by sending a mail to the mailing list (, letting us know who they are, why they've joined the Web and Mobile Interest Group, which parts of the charter they are particularly interested in, their expectations and where they may be able to contribute.


If any new participants have any questions then please ask on the public mailing list to get in touch with one of us directly.