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The Media Capture API (a.k.a. navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia) is developed by a task force of the WebRTC Working Group (in which the [ Device and Sensors] Working Group used to participate). See the task force charter which replaced the original task force charter in February 2013).

This page serves as a coordination point for the work in this task force.


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Feb 9th 2012. Minutes:

Feb 28th 2012. Minutes:

April 24th 2012. Minutes:

May 9th 2012. Minutes:

June 7th 2012. Minutes:

Aug 23rd 2012. Minutes:

Oct 9th 2012. Minutes

March 25th 2013. Minutes

May 7th 2013. Minutes

June 5th 2013: Joint call with WebRTC on the use of DOM Futures/Promises. Raw minutes:

Aug 28th 2013. Raw minutes

March 27th 2014. Raw minutes

June 25th 2014. Raw minutes

August 5th 2014. Raw minutes

October 2nd 2014. Raw minutes

June 28th 2016. Minutes

Face-to-face meetings

F2f meeting held Oct 30 2012 minutes

F2f meeting held Feb 5-6 2013 minutes

F2f meeting November 14 2013 (TPAC week) minutes.

F2F meeting on May 19 2014 NOTE: This meeting was extended to a session on May 21st as well: minutes

F2f meeting October 30-31 2014 (TPAC week): minutes.

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  • Tracker is used to track actions within the group. We're only using the ACTION section.
  • github Issues, File an Issue at the repository in question (search for "mediacapture").


The group uses IRC to take minutes and exchange info during calls and face-to-face meetings: