May 19 2014

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The Media Capture Task Force has a meeting on Monday, May 19 AND Wed May 21 2014 in Washington DC, from 1330 to 1730.

See also the following WEBRTC meeting and the information on the IETF meeting.


Remote participation: Google Hangout. Most should have an invite to the meeting already, if you do not and want to hang out send a mail to ted.ietf _at_

Agenda May 19

  • 1330: Intro, scribe, agenda bashing (10 min)
  • 1340: Outstanding items that need a WG decision from the bug list (1h 20 min, may expand)
  • 1500: Recording spec (45 min, may contract)
  • 1545: Coffee (15 min)
  • 1600: Image Capture (30 min, may contract)
  • 1630: All other items (50 min, may contract or fall off), candidates
    • Create stream from audio/video elements
  • 1720: Wrap up and conclude (10 min)

Agenda May 21

  • Roughly 1030: Admin (including scribe appointment)
  • Roughly 2 min later: Constraints - slightly updated proposal


Real Time Participation


You need an invite to get in - chat at to get one.