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Linked Data 2015 - San Francisco, April 21



Our world is made of data, but more and more, that data is kept out of our reach. Today, each software product we use, as individuals and in our businesses, keeps its data locked in its own database. When it provides an API, it is often incomplete and requires custom programming.

The Linked Data Platform (LDP) offers an alternative vision, where there is a clean separation between software and data, so access to the data is simple and always available. If you run a business, LDP software means your vital data isn't locked out of your reach. Instead, every LDP database can be accessed using a standard RESTful API, and every LDP-based application can be integrated. If you develop software, LDP gives you a chance to focus on delivering value while respecting your customer's overall needs. If you are an end user, LDP software promises to give you choice and freedom in the new online world.

So how will this vision become reality? LDP 1.0 has recently become a W3C Recommendation, but there's still a lot of work to do. Come join the conversation about where we are and what happens next.


A special open meeting of the W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group, in San Francisco on April 21, 2015, co-located with the Annotations WG f2f that is meeting the next day and and I Annotate which is meeting on the following days.

Please indicate below whether you will be able to attend the workshop. Please include your email address.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss potential future work for the WG. The deliverable from the workshop will be a report that the LDP WG will take into consideration as it plans its way forward.

The LDP spec has just been published as a W3C Recommendation. The Paging spec and the LDP Patch spec are Candidate Recommendations. The WG has other, non-essential, deliverables in various stages of completion. See WG Deliverables for details.

Clearly, the Paging spec and the Patch spec need to be completed and moved to Rec. But a more important question is what else needs to be done to advance Linked Data as a central Web technology.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions -- 10AM to 10:30AM (Pacific Time)
  2. 15 Minute presentations -- 10:30AM to 3PM with a break for lunch
  3. Open discussion -- 3PM to 4PM
  4. Developing recommendations -- 4PM to 5PM

Webex for the meeting Callin number: 866-682-4770 0743158 4321

Please send presentation proposals to Public LDP Mailing List as soon as possible.


The Fort Mason campus of the City College of San Francisco.

Room C260


Campus map:

Once you arrive at Fort Mason, check in at the Main Conference Center Office (there is a sign outside the door so it's easy to find). They can give you directions to C260 which is two buildings to the East of the Main Conference Center (very close by). C260 is on the second floor.

Peg Fowler: 303-587-5513 Ashok Malhotra: 845-270-4904


10AM to 5PM on April 21.

Final Report

The meeting went well. Final report is here


Please add yourself

  • Will attend:
  1. Ashok Malhotra (Oracle):
  2. Robert Sanderson (Stanford):
  3. Chris Beer (Stanford)
  4. Stephen Abrams (CDL)
  5. Andrew Woods (DuraSpace):
  6. Miguel Aragón (Base22):
  7. Oshani Seneviratne (Oracle)
  8. Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
  9. Gregg Kellogg:
  10. Tom Johnson (Digital Public Library of America):
  11. Andrei Sambra (MIT/W3C)
  12. Alexandre Bertails
  13. Brent Shambaugh:
  14. T B Dinesh (Janastu):, as an observer - from Web Annotation WG.
  15. Meghan Raul
  • Regrets:
  1. Steve Speicher
  • Remote (if available)
  1. Sandro Hawke
  2. David Wood
  3. Nandana Mihindukulasooriya