Linked Data 2015 Final Report

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LDP Open Meeting Final Report

April 21, 2015 Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

Details are at Linked Data 2015

Chair: Ashok Malhotra (

The LDP WG hosted this open meeting to gather input on what the LDP WG should do going forward, if anything. After a brief welcome by the meeting chair, Arnaud le Hors, the chair of the LDP WG, discussed the progress in the WG. The WG, he said, had published the main LDP specification as a W3C Recommendation. The WG charter is due to expire in July and the WG needs to decide what to do next. Arnaud showed the existing LDP feature wish-list and a preliminary charter for future work (see below).

This was followed by several presentations (URLs below) in which the participants presented what they were doing with LDP and what they thought were the most important features that were missing.. As we went through the presentations, possible items for LDP Next were added to a list that was then reviewed. Both presentations and discussions featured several implementations and applications of LDP 1.0 in various contexts and serious interest in having more work done on LDP.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the meeting participants agreed on a list of items as candidates for future work by the LDP WG. Through discussion participants further distilled the list to come up with the following list of most important items to address:

Recommendations for LDP Next

  • Extensibility and Discovery
  • Inlining on Get
  • Query/Search
    • SPARQL on LDP (resource-centric) – Queries in SPARQL are either triple oriented (CONSTRUCT) or table oriented (SELECT). We need to be able to speak about resources such as the members of a container.
    • RDF Source-scoped – being able to query LDP-Rs. Perhaps each LDPR could be considered as its own SPARQL endpoint.
    • Paging of query results
  • Client-based paging
  • Access Control including usage policies (Start with LDP Access Control note)

Also, review LDP 1.0 in view of interoperability analysis of existing implementations.

The meeting ended with Andrei Sambra taking an action item to revise the LDP Next draft charter accordingly and announce it to the public LDP mailing list which will be used to continue the discussion.


  • Ashok Malhotra (Oracle):
  • Robert Sanderson (Stanford):
  • Chris Beer (Stanford)
  • Stephen Abrams (CDL)
  • Andrew Woods (DuraSpace):
  • Miguel Aragón (Base22):
  • Oshani Seneviratne (Oracle):
  • Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM): lehors@US.IBM.COM
  • Gregg Kellogg:
  • Tom Johnson (Digital Public Library of America):
  • Andrei Sambra (MIT/W3C):
  • Alexandre Bertails (Apple):
  • Brent Shambaugh:
  • T B Dinesh (Janastu):
  • Meghan Raul (Apple)
  • Michael Bobak (